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A blowjob performed under the poker table by a fellow player. The act should be inconspicuous and done in a way so as not to disrupt the flow of the poker game. The key to the technique is for the pleasurer to avoid hitting their head on the underside of the table, while still providing long oral strokes. The act should take place between hands or during a hand in which the pleasurer has folded.
We've been playing poker for hours...I could really go for a Kevin right about now.
by axc911 January 11, 2014
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The type of person that has a french ascent and smells like they eat trash for a living. They usually twich a lot and are extremely weird.
by The all seeing eye dont ask April 24, 2019
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Early manifestation of tourettes in which a person will mutter profanities and claim they could not help themselves.
"The Australian PM appears to be akevin"
by The other other Crumbly March 09, 2009
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Don't be such a Kevin!
A Kevin. "Keeeviiiiiin Stop it! "Always annoying as Kevin is , he is most likely fit, hungry, and nearby. Kevin annoys every one even his girlfriend and mom. Kevin probably has a great haircut. Definition: Kevin tries to tickle people, and wrestle them.
by AVsearch May 15, 2018
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A person who comes to an illogical conclusion based on irrelevant evidence.
Person 1: My doctor just called me and asked me to come and talk to him tomorrow about my STD test....

Person 2: Dude! Do you think youโ€™re pregnant?

Person 1: No you idiot. Donโ€™t do โ€œa Kevinโ€.
by Bradllie July 20, 2018
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a person who is dirty, smells of BO, or never takes a shower. a follower, a jocker, a person with no friends.
a lame person in general
damn, your dogs a kevin!
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