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the only game in the world when you would honestly lick your friend's shoe and then get humped several times with out being totally drunk.
i have a good idea! let's play truth or dare! you go first!
by ~*!*~ Jessy Lynn ~*!*~ February 19, 2005
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A game played most frequently by kids, teens and young adults. To begin, a group sits together (often in a circle), and the first questioner asks "truth or dare?" to any player he/she wants in the group. If "truth" is answered, that player must honestly answer a question given, no matter how personal or embarrassing (and often related to sexual themes). If "dare" is answered, that player must complete a task given by the questioner, which is also often embarrassing or awkward. Once the player responds to the truth or completes the dare, he/she can then question another player in the group, and the cycle continues.

The overall tone of the game can differ depending on how "hardcore" the players want the questions or dares to be. Some games are denoted as "friendly" where sexual acts, nudity or over-personal questions are avoided (the best way to play if there are couples). There can also be supplemental rules as to how many truths a player can take before they must take a dare (often no more than 2 truths in a row). In some cases the game is modified to be a drinking game, where a person has to drink if they pass when chosen.
While we played Truth or Dare, we learned that John masturbates every day at his job, and Cindy had to eat expired mayonnaise out of the back of the fridge.
by IronAndCopper August 21, 2010
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the game where you can lick a spit ball, and french kiss the guy you like with out any questions asked afterwards
We just played truth or dare.
by lOurDeS giRl March 28, 2005
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The only game in the world where you could end up fucking the girl of your dreams, or end up licking the dirty pavement floor. Usually played by horny teenagers.
Teen #1: Truth or dare?
Teen #2: Dare.
Teen #1: I dare you to fuck me right here on the floor right now.
Teen #2: Okay, sounds like a good dare, lets do it!
by LOLSwagMan June 29, 2013
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A game played by youths. You answer either truth or dare. If you choose truth you have to answer honestly to a question. If you choose dare you have to do something they dare you to do.
Girl 1: This slumber party is boring
Girl 2: Since we can't invite guys over lets play truth or dare!
by gril May 31, 2004
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the game usually played by people that are really bored at a party or in long bus rides with girls and guys.
guy: let's play truth or dare
all: ok
Guy: i dare u to have sex with Amy.
by emily12324 April 17, 2005
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1.A game were you someone asks you truth or dare, if you answer truth, then you absolutely have to tell the truth on whatever they ask. If you choose dare, you have to do what they dared you to.

The only game were you can get away with licking your friends nuts, or fucking a donut, or jizzing into your dad's eye while he sleeps.
Girl: Truth or dare.
Guy: Dare
Girl: I dare you to fuck joe so hard that he begins to cry and bleed from the anus.
Guy: *sigh* Fine.
*While they fuck*
Joe:OoooOOOoooOOO This feels so fucking good.
Guy:Yeah you like it dontcha bitch?
by DontbeHatin April 29, 2005
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