1) A long running rock, metal and punk magazine which runs an awards ceremony and in recent years has expanded into a TV station and radio station.

2) The sound a guitar makes. Kerrang!!!
"I'm just going to buy this weeks Kerrang!"
by Charlie January 17, 2004
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a channel and radio and magazine and awards ceremony for people listening to real music, not synthesised drums and sqeaky voiced vocalists wearing skimpy clothes
lets watch kerrang (sky 454)
by inoino December 9, 2003
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a magazine which is the self proclaimed authority on "rock". The content is awful, pop bands with guitars, once upon atime they had rock bands with guitars before they sold out. Expect seveare critisim if your band doesnt begin with 'the', your not absolute posers and you dont have a drummer that is incabable of speeds past 40bpm.
Damn! Im out of toilet paper, i just got to go W.H.Smiths and swipe a Kerrang!
by KingSamuel May 4, 2004
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A very poor magazine for mini moshers who refuse to listen to anything other than Green Day and Velvet Revolver. The magazine was cool about five years ago, but now they only cover Green Day and Velvet Revolver... oh and fake bands that mini moshers like.
Buy Kerrang if you're thirteen.
Buy NME if you're into trends rather than quality.
Buy Metal Hammer if you like black.

Wow, all british rock magazines are going down the crapper.
by PUNX August 28, 2005
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A magazine popular in the UK that follows the doings of lots of rock and punk bands. Its generally £2.10 and is hated on by people for only covering Green Day, Slipknot and Linkin Park. Whereas if they actually READ the thing or watched the channel or even the radio version then they would know that they do LOADS of other bands. I buy it every week, its awesome.
Dude: Did you get Kerrang this week?
Hater: Fuck no! All they ever cover is shitty Linkin Park!
Dude: Oh that's funny. Look! An interview with Ozzy Ozborne! Oooo and one with Asking Alexandria AND Patrick Stump! Was Kurt Cobain murdered? Well you may never know because you're too fucking narrow minded to read it!
Hater: Fall Out Boy's emo why the hill did they interview that fag! I thought they did rock!
Dude: *kills self*
by CondescendingWanker May 26, 2014
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Once cool heavy music related enterprise which has now been infested with mainstream publicity whores and pseudo-punk outfits. No longer cool. Only about 20-30% of music played on the TV channel is actually what it claims to be.
Enough with the poers please, kerrang, I'm switching over to scuzz.
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
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A really bad hard rock/metal/emo magazine and TV channel for 14 year old imbeciles. Slipknot and Green Day are on the cover every other week and the English used in the reviews is equivalent to that of a 7 year old retarded Mexicans. The music channel plays emo crap day in and day out and almost NEVER changes the play list. Slipknot and Linkin Park are on about once every 12 minutes.
Kerrang is the worst of all British music channels.
by Urban Dictionary September 30, 2005
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