background: the word 'pseudo' meaning fake, put together with 'punk'.

A person who trys to be punk and "hardcore", but truly is the exact opposite. pseudo-punks bring shame to true punks. many claim they are "anarchists" as well, even though they consistantly shop from hot topic, which contradicts basic anarchist morals. a psuedo punk may do but is not limited to the following: wearing ramones and sex pistols shirts, and not knowing ONE song by either, shopping from hot topic (as mentioned above), calling anyone who doesn't dress like them and/or disagrees with them "preps" and "conformists", and may smoke pot or do other narcotics to be rebellious.
ramones fan: nice ramones shirt you got there. what's your favorite song by them?

psuedo-punk: uhhhmm, erm, i dunno..."sex and drugs"?

ramones fan: uh, that's not a ramones song.

psuedo-punk: just shut up you stupid preppy!1!11!!
by sheeeer August 11, 2004
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1. The lifestyle which suddenly appears once one has lived a life of pop music and MTV, yet suddenly decides that they want to be "punk," as it is the popular thing to do.

2. One who partakes in a pseudo-punk lifestyle.
1. "She's turned to pseudo-punk, Michelle," the girl whispered. "It was just before the summer that she was wearing preppy clothing."

2. He, among others, considers Avril Lavigne to be a pseudo-punk.
by Strokes fan February 2, 2004
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noun; adolescent between the ages of 13-15 who fancies themselves a "punk" or "rebel" for listening to one or more of the following bands: Green Day, Blink-182, Simple Plan, Sum 41, etc.
14-year-old Haley was the epitome of a pseudo-punk rockian: she wore her warped tour t-shirt and vans with pride, walking the halls of her suburban highschool with an unwarranted sense of musical superiority.
by SirStubbleton July 9, 2013
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