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a man or woman who obtains a higher means of living through other people, usually the opposite sex, in return for as little as companionship but often sex, a relationship, or marriage.
they knew she was KEPT because despite not having a job or a direction in life, she had all the luxuries as a result of her sugar-daddy.
by Kmkramer November 03, 2006
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Phrase meaning that a deceased cannot rest in peace until society changes due to the circumstances of a death.
People said rest in power for the unarmed man had been shot by the police.
by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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maintained or supported so as to be a sexual partner: said usually of a woman
She's able to fly to and fro twice a week and pay $2000 share of rent because she is kept.
by Sybil J. March 10, 2005
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A term to describe what’s popular or cool.
“Damn Jesse, you copped those new Nike’s, that’s kept.
by SwarlzJr October 23, 2019
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A girl who has a dominant man who holds her back such that she looks like who did that.
Damn girl, u lookin all kept since you got wit him...”
by Reggie405 January 16, 2018
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