When one palms another's mouth and face and then forcefully pushes their face away. Considered very offensive, similar to a slap in the face, but the muzzle usually causes no physical harm, only humiliation. Generally done to intoxicated individuals to indicate that they are no longer wanted around.
Did you see what happened with Julie and Katherine last night? Katherine was so out of control that Julie muzzled the shit out of that bitch.
by jmaimai June 3, 2007
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Greg: I was muzzling that girl last night and now her hair is falling out
by Susan7688 June 22, 2018
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Any type of masks worn during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Don't you know that masks are the new muzzles?
by de-pube July 18, 2021
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the act of getting the mouth/brain/dome/head. basically getting your rod cleaned.
Bob: dude did i just see you and katie walk out the bathroom together?
Jim: yea dude, i got the muzzle.
by Wizeoldman June 1, 2011
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When the act of pulling a tings hair and “hitting” or having sexual intercorse through the anal region simultaneously
“Damn Albert said he muzzled the fuck out of Sophia in the bed last night at the party”
by Tanner Fring June 22, 2018
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To firmly place a pillow over the face of the girl your fucking in order to muffle her voice.
She was screaming so loud that I had to muzzle her.
by Canadian November 9, 2003
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It's when you carelessly aim your gun in someone's direction without intentionally meaning to do so. Newbie gun owners are often at fault of this, but also when people unholster a firearm they can make the same mistake unknowingly. Muzzle sweeping is violating the second rule of firearm safety.
T-money whipped out his nine from being strapped in between his belt and boxers and muzzle sweeped us all as we ducked anxiously in fear.
by Tarolyst November 23, 2011
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