someone who doesn’t have a gun or another weapon on them. opposite of armed
The victim was unarmed at the time of the murder
by nlolhere June 25, 2020
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A rare feat when a person with no arms robs a bank. Usually commited by that cool guy with no arms on the USA Archery Team.
Robber: Gimme all your money!
Teller: lolomgwtfbbq! You have no arms! How could YOU rob us?
*robber shoots teller (pulls the trigger with his eyelid)*
Robber: Like that.
*robber gets away*

This is an unarmed robbery at it's finest.
by Beerparty October 16, 2012
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a joke halloween weapon for the scout class from tf2 it has the same stats as the holy mackerel but it is a spys decaying hand
scout: uses Unarmed Combat
the spy: descusted face
by snipermaintf2 October 27, 2020
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