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Nickname for Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell since he blocked legislation to improve election security and help protect against meddling by Russia or other countries
Since there was massive interference by Russia in the 2016 elections most people want to make our elections more secure but Moscow Mitch has blocked legislation to do so.
by Just_sayin' July 28, 2019
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Douche-bag Republican Senator from Iowa who is the Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee. Typically Grassley follows the official party line and doesn't seem to have any original thoughts of his own.
Immediately following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate would not confirm any replacement until after the next election likely meaning there will be a vacancy left unfilled for at least a year. Charles Grassley of course instantly fell in line and refused to even hold hearings.
by Just_sayin' May 11, 2016
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portmanteau of scam and camera, a term used to describe traffic cameras, speed cameras, red light cameras. which are all about making money not safety
Since the red light scamera was installed they shortened the duration of the yellow light to boost revenue now there are a lot more accidents.
by Just_sayin' July 04, 2021
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When someone who was once known for promoting birther conspiracies suddenly gives up and admits that Obama was born in America.
Donald Trump has now become a reformed birther in order to convince people that he is not a racist but now he is trying to blame the whole birther nonsense on Hillary Clinton.
by Just_sayin' September 18, 2016
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A bizarre policy which prevents police officers from being held accountable when they violate somebody's rights
A cop pulls somebody over for a broken tail light and ends up shooting them.The cop claims he thought their cell phone or whatever was a gun. the victims family might sue the police department in which case any settlement would be paid with tax dollars but because of qualified immunity the police officer can't be personally sued.
by Just_sayin' May 30, 2021
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A silly slang term some people use for the "Village Inn" restaurant since their sign uses the abbreviation "vi" which is also a Roman numeral 6
Six has some really good pies.
by Just_sayin' July 30, 2018
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A term Donald Trump uses to describe any country in which most of the people are non-white, as opposed to countries like Norway which are almost all white.
Man 1:"Melania Trump is from Slovenia is that a shithole country?
Man2:"No, Melania is white"
by Just_sayin' January 14, 2018
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