Protestant religious ministers are often called pastors. A pastor is a man (or a woman) that leads a congregation of believers and has the power to bless and administer the Holy Eucharist, among several other jobs. A pastor is the Protestant equivilent of Roman Catholic priest.
Our pastor studied at Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.

If you need some spiritual or ever mortal advice or help, you should see your pastor.
by talkshow_on_mute February 14, 2005
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a Pastor is someone who preaches the Gospel, the word Pastor also mean shepherd because the people he teach are compared to sheep in the Bible.
Guy1: Hey did you go to that church conference?

Guy2: Yeah, I actually saw my Pastor

Guy1: that's awesome
by GodsFollower57 March 13, 2018
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Pass-tor (n) middle english 1) an ignorant sonofabitch with a Bass boat; 2) a letch who gropes the loins and lucious breasts of Sunday school girls; 3) a man of god who doesn't file income tax returns; and 4) all of the above.
The new pastor porked all the deacon's daughters.
by hoze August 12, 2004
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Pastor is wonderful, funny, intelligent, sweet, and sexy. His intellect is beyond human comprehension. He is also an undercover ninja trained in the arts of taijutsu, ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fūinjutsu, Senjutsu, and he also has multiple Kekkei genkai abilities and multiple Dōjutsus. He is known as the most powerful ninja to ever walk on this earth.
Damn! That must be a Pastor
by P-ass-ta March 30, 2019
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Pastor is a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. Born June 17 2001 at Cleveland Clinic Hospital. The creator of a new mainstream style of Hip-Hop/Rap named Speech Flow. Speech Flow's main focus is tone, annunciation, and sound. North East Ohio is where Speech Flow originated rivaling Southern Rap. Also Pastor's popular catch phrase "Nothing but B's and Six's" B's referring to Booty,Ass,and Pussy,Women. Six's referring to Money,Dollars, Cash and,Bank. In layman's terms nothing but bitches and money.
Pastor is my favorite Rapper.
by 0_Pastor_0 December 21, 2019
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When you or someone you know has been touched inappropriately by a pastor.
by Consuela October 28, 2019
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tasty marinated pork meat placed deliciously on a burrito
I'd like one of those tasty burritos al pastor, please. And a margarita.
by chololess September 22, 2010
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