Food that rich niggas eat ona daily , Broke niggas can't get near , if you bring out in the hood you'll get swarmed by monkey
Bro ima get KFC tyshaun you can't come you're broke and your friends tling and yongyee can't come to they're broke and they flood
by Richnigger January 10, 2019
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Kentucky Fried Crap. Let's go get some!
I had KFC yesterday and found a 9 inch nail in my Avalanche!
by Mrs. Lampard June 30, 2004
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Kan't Fuckin' Cook

(word for black niggaz)
Them niggaz go to kfc er' day.
by uscbasketball10 March 21, 2007
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School Boy 1: AHH!! Its the KFC man!
School Boy 2: Run for the shelter of the american education system! GAAH!!!
by USSR December 12, 2003
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a place that is ok to eat at but. once you start working there you want to barf every-time you see chicken. the fucking greasiest place i can think of, and the BBQ snackers a lot of people like if the meat from the day before no one bought talk about fresh. some of the people (mostly boys) don't put on gloves when they make you snackers or twister wraps or that new double down shit. who knows what the fuck they have been touching
employe: so do you put gloves on both hands or one hand?

manager: kfc has to be fast serves gloves take to long to put on.

employe: i thought your suppose to tho

manager: what they don't know wont hurt
by kill fucking customers May 16, 2010
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KFC is a fast food chain founded by a fat guy named Colonel Sanders owned by PepsiCo. KFC is a place with many stereotypes including the place were many black people go and eat fried chicken and mash potatoes, also KFC is a possible acronym for Killing Fucking Coons stated by Angry Black man aka Siggas a popular you tuber known for his angry black man act.
Jay: So I went to KFC and Taniqu came up to me and beat me and stole my fried chicken.
John: Holy shit!
by MerkyMerkina October 01, 2011
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