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Slang word for a vagina. Derived from the salty smell and taste which the female's body part and the American fast food chain share. "Tastes just like KFC"
Guy 1: "I was talking about how I wanted some KFC. Next thing I know she has her pants around her ankles and tells me to take a lick."

Guy 2: "Uh dude that's nasty! Didn't she know you wanted some fried chicken?!"

Guy 1: "No she thought I wanted to eat her out. I was confused at first, but then I realized that it tastes the same; just not as filling."
by PunkMasterGFunk December 08, 2010

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A phrase used to describe someone's epic fail. This expression comes from the moment in the game Super Smash Bros Melee in which an epic pokémon is expected to come out and fucking rape the opponents, but goldeen pops out of the poke-ball and does nothing. Instead your shit gets smashed off the stage.
Brosef: "So I was laying next to my GF texting when my phone slipped out of my hand, fell on her face, and broke her nose."

Da'man: "Nice Goldeen!"
by PunkMasterGFunk December 08, 2010

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Falacio or cunnilingus while the receiving member sleeps.
I woke up to some shwanee, and went to ihop. It was a good day.
by PunkMasterGFunk February 28, 2012

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phrase used to express one's exasperation. Commonly uttered during intense bouts of Super Smash Bros Melee after a night of intense partying. Also used when an inability to express one's self arises.
*Ron is playing SSBM and get's spiked EVERY time he approaches the edge of the stage*
Ron: Fucking musters...
Jack: What?
by PunkMasterGFunk December 23, 2010

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