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A condition where a man cannot get fully erect or stay fully erect because of alcohol intoxication. What makes Whiskey Dick different from other forms of erectile dysfunction is the extreme desire to keep trying to have sex and penetrate the vagina, even when the woman gets up and puts her clothes back on. The male will still dry hump and beg even when the penis is so limp it is like throwing a cocktail frank in a canyon.
Sara: Why won't you go out with Rob again?
Ella: Because he had Whiskey Dick and kept trying to dry hump me as I was leaving. It was so awkward.
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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1. Noun- A fast food burger restaurant with exploitative advertising geared at the "red-blooded all-American man." With little exception, all commercial advertising in the southern United States in the 1990's and 2000's have included some ultra heterosexual male bravado and female T and A (tits and ass). One exception was a lesbian truck driver eating a burger with her foot on the dash of the truck and her hand on her crotch.

Also known for senior citizen discounts and over-priced fast food. Hardees is usually packed with white senior citizens every morning.
Person 1: "Why are there so many old people on the road this morning?"
Person 2: "They are all headed to Hardees."
Person 3: I refuse to go to Hardees until they put a positive female character in their advertising.
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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The new more "politically correct" name for the restaurant chain originally known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Name was changed because it was said to have a greater appeal to blacks than the association with the state of Kentucky or it's original mascot, Colonel Sanders. It was thought by some that blacks would not come to the chicken restaurant because Col. Sanders was white with a southern accent.
Advertising Executive: "We cannot afford to lose the our black patrons because this is a chicken restaurant. Let's call it KFC so it sounds like some hip new urban lingo."
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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Before or while engaging in sexual intercourse, the woman blindfolds and ties the man securely to the bedpost, and then penetrates him in the anus with any household object of her choosing against his will and fully un-lubricated. She can also choose to bring in someone else to penetrate, beat, cut, film, or defecate on the subject. At the end of the session, she can castrate the male and have him swallow his testicles as he sobs and gags. This is an excellent sequel to a rape or other violent sex act where the man has victimized the woman against her will.
After I gave Sharron a strawberry shortcake last week, she didn't say a word until after she pulled a Slick Susan on me. Now I'll never have children again.
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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An amazingly good vagina, or excellent "piece of ass." Can also be used to describe a woman who is sexually gifted to an extreme degree. Can also be a woman or sexual experience which makes a man ejaculate prematurely. Pussy is considered bomb ass cat if you constantly think about it and it is the subject of constant fantasies. Based on the phrase, "bomb ass pussy."
She's a bomb ass cat, and I'm not letting that go.

That was some bomb ass cat. I might need days to recover.
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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A person - typically a man - who wishes to receive oral sex so he tells the female he will perform the act on her as well, in order to convince her to give him oral sex. Once she has given him oral sex he declines to give her oral sex, and either proceeds to regular intercourse or says, "I owe you one," while never intending to give her oral sex. This term can also be used to describe a partner who gives quick and insufficient oral sex, short-changing his partner. Based on the sex position "the 69" where both partners give and receive oral sex simultaneously. In this case since one partner got an "I owe you one" it is 69 minus 1 or 68.
Person One: "Never date that guy! I heard he is a 68er!"
Person Two: "Believe me, I won't. 68ers are the reason so many women are enjoying lesbians."
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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1. Noun. One of the best American actors of all time. Often has roles as a bad ass, which is a role he plays better than anyone.

2. Verb. As is characteristic of many of Samuel L. Jackson movies, to yell something deep and filled with curse words to a person over and extended period of time. To constantly speak in a loud tone of voice regardless of the subject matter.

3. Verb. To speak violent things in a calm tone of voice while looking at the person with crazy eyes. This makes you scary as hell.
If you keep talking shit, motherfucker, I'm gonna Samuel L. Jackson your ass!

Person 1: Why are you yelling at me?
Samuel L. Jackson: Because this is how I talk motherfucker! Aint you seen any of my movies?
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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