An exercise mainly done by rowers, to condition the legs (quads, specifically). Generally conducted in sets, in the course of the dreaded *circuit*.
Coxwain: 121...122...123... Oh, oops. Sorry guys, I lost count.

Rowers: *groan*

Cox: Now all together, we're going to do 200 jumpies, by sets of 50: 1...2...3...

Rowers: We're gonna flip the boat on you, coxwain... shit...
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nervous, high-strung, edgy
I have been jumpy ever since the plane landed.
by Light Joker January 10, 2006
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A jumpie is an adjective used to describe someone who has a compulsive need or used to have a compulsive need to buy jumpers. Having owned or owning 15 or more jumpers suggests that you have such an 'addicton'. The word is a hybrid of the words jumper and junkie. This adjective can be altered in order to describe an addiction to any form of clothing. This particular word is also used to describe someone who in essense believes themselves to be the deity i.e. 'Jumped up'
You've got so many jumpers you're on the verge of becoming a jumpie.

Don't be such a jumpie.
by espresso addict. August 18, 2010
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when a man is "getting a jumpy" it means that he is getting an erection.
"Look at her mate! She's so hot, I'm getting a jumpy."
by Zeke Sebastian March 8, 2009
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short for jumpoff; meaning something exclusive, anything thats hot, brand new or something everyone wants.
bought a brand new car today, its the jumpy.
by lildevilgrl72 October 15, 2011
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a gurl that fucks a variety of dudes similar to a hoe or a clappy
Bro I don't fuck wit her she a jumpy.
by MSsiPPi January 19, 2009
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