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An exercise mainly done by rowers, to condition the legs (quads, specifically). Generally conducted in sets, in the course of the dreaded *circuit*.
Coxwain: 121...122...123... Oh, oops. Sorry guys, I lost count.

Rowers: *groan*

Cox: Now all together, we're going to do 200 jumpies, by sets of 50: 1...2...3...

Rowers: We're gonna flip the boat on you, coxwain... shit...
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when a man is "getting a jumpy" it means that he is getting an erection.
"Look at her mate! She's so hot, I'm getting a jumpy."
by Zeke Sebastian March 08, 2009
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a gurl that fucks a variety of dudes similar to a hoe or a clappy
Bro I don't fuck wit her she a jumpy.
by MSsiPPi January 19, 2009
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short for jumpoff; meaning something exclusive, anything thats hot, brand new or something everyone wants.
bought a brand new car today, its the jumpy.
by lildevilgrl72 October 14, 2011
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J: Man, Kate is such a bitch.
D: I know, but she has award winning jumpies.
J: Yeah, you know... you're right. I never thought about it like that.
by DoctoRUMS March 13, 2005
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