The birth of the greatest nation on Earth, America.
Anyone who says July 4th isnt the greatest, is a communist.
by BlackGringo July 7, 2015
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A holiday where some bitches made and signed a document for banning slaves and prostitutes
Hi I like July 4th
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A day where the most glorious people who have the ability to outshine Independence Day are born in
Wren:”is that guy born on July 4th”
Graciepfft, ofc why do u think he’s so capable and dependable”
by Underfyinf September 29, 2020
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If your born on July 4th your are the most Awesome person in the world! And you let no one walk over you.
Girl: Are you born on July 4th?
Boy: Yes i am
Girl: thats amazing your birthday is on independence day!
by GoogleFactsBirthdays January 4, 2020
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July fourth is the day where you have to ask your crush if they will sit with you and watch fireworks with you and they have to say yes
You:Hey ____ wanna watch the fireworks with me tonight

You:but it is July 4th
Crush:Oh then ok I will go with you
by Spencer Schraeger June 24, 2022
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If your born on July 4th your gay or a stud/dyke
Kashmyr:She’s so gay
Saniyah:yea I know she’s brown on July 4th
by Coochieman😎 November 16, 2020
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The best day in the world! cuz me and my baby got togeter this day lol IFLYSM baby gotom,mo,fy,fm,fin,st,sb, you know what im talking about ILY forever baby
We went to my brothers house for July 4th.
by hoodreezy January 7, 2008
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