Gracie Hauser. Man is she precious, she's loyal, caring, kind, funny, and gorgeous asf. When you lose a Gracie. I mean, what's your purpose in life now? Gracie may be a depressed insecure and awkward person at times. But she'll smile for you even when she doesn't want to. She'll look after you even when she's hurting inside. Gracie is such an amazing person. She deserves the universe.
by Jace j. September 6, 2020
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Is simply a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day. Communication is a little slack to start with but once the ball is rolling she can talk for hours. She wears glasses for aesthetic purposes. She is trustworthy and not afraid to put her opinion across even if shes wrong, which is often. She's had to face struggles in her life but nothing can dim her light. Like the ocean she is beautiful to watch; but dangerous to mess with. She is clumsy, a bit of a liability, a little much for everyone at times. Gracie often speaks fluent Lebanese, can play a musical instrument or two. She shouldn't be left alone in the candle aisle or the whole stock will be gone.

All in all if you're lucky enough to have a Gracie as a friend, don't be dumb enough to annoy her everyday and scare her away.
Wow she's such a Gracie.
I wish I was friends with Gracie
Gracie get out of the candle aisle
Not again Gracie!
by Corbette23345346t3 April 8, 2020
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Gracie's are often gentle giants; they can look intimidating with their athletic stature but they're softies who can be blown over by the wind. She may be a lebonese, she may not we just don't know. She is a liability and can be described as a 'bull in a china shop'. She has a good music taste and will sing at any given opportunity, especially once aware its annoying. She'll try to convince you that you're the crazy one when we all know its really her. Being friends with a Gracie comes naturally at first she's all nice but you must be able to take the constant badgering of insults hurled your way. She will try and push boundaries until they appear non-existent. When she does something mean/ risky she'll pout and try to make things okay. She is very easy to wind up and it's never dull
ffs Gracie not again
Don't do a Gracie
by Corbette23345346t3 April 13, 2020
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Gracie normally likes banana skittles but not the spicy ones. She is usually obsessed with Tik Tok.
that girl there is called Gracie
by banana skittles yeet May 23, 2020
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She is quiet at first, but when u get to know her she is a cloud of AMAZING! She is beautiful but she won't admit it. She loves to be with her family and friends. You have to get her to leave her house or she would sleep all day. She is a great listener and is VERY smart. She will not accept the fact that boys like her everywhere she goes. When she laughs she doesn't make a sound and her face gets red. She loves for you too talk to the people on the PlayStation cause she is too shy. She loves her dogs. She will go walking with no shoes on and clothes that are not hers. She is just the best friend you could ever have and without her you feel like there is something missing in your life. She will can fix the missing whole. She is loveing and caring and when we mess around she always says " I am going to cry" even though she never does. You and Gracie will have a song probably count on me by Bruno Mars. She loves the movie note book and if you haven't seen you have to watch it with her or she will get you. She doesn't want to watch the movie Hercules. And hasn't seen the full movie of princess and the frog. She always thinks she will do bad on tests in school but then gets the highest score out of the whole class. She complements you on everything even though she has seen you look better or has seen that same hair style for two weeks. All i am saying is if you don't have a Gracie find one cause she will change your life.
I love you Gracie you are my best frifriend and nothing will ever change that.
by BloCCa October 2, 2020
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Gracies can be described in many ways. They are often tall with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. She likes to use fake tan because she likes to flex her Aussie side. She is shit at PE but has a fetish for fat, lesbian teachers. Her hobbies include: pissing everyone off, shouting really loud down the hallways, clenching people’s skin on their arms and teaching renegade to boys in her form. Despite these unpleasant qualities, she actually has an asshole. She can be caring when she wants to be. She also tries very hard to understand stuff even though she is quite away with the fairies. This shows how determined she is. She has a nice smile with her perfect teeth. She likes the rush of adrenaline and having pet transgender rabbits. Her fave word is fuck and she likes Tim. Gracies can be great friends however sometimes unbearable. She is a soulmate and worth your time even through the pain.
We all need a Gracie!!!!
by Sydney Hell January 7, 2020
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Gracie is a crackhead. She’s super cool and smart and she can make killer Starbucks drinks. She will jump in a lake half naked in the middle of November with a random old fisherman watching. Gracie is also super caring and a little psycho. She also has a weird laugh cry.
Wow, your crying like Gracie rn
by Graciesnipplepearcings September 15, 2020
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