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Gracie is a nickname for grace. The name is for females that are extremely attractive and funny. Gracie's will make you laugh every second. They love the attention. They are are very confident and leaders that many follow. They are academically smart, but seem a little off in the head because of their crazy and funniness. Gracie's are super good friends and are likely to be your souls mate. You will love Gracie's at first sight. They are very creative and talented and eat sugar. Speaking of sugar Gracie's are super sexy and have an amazing body and athletic figure. Gracie's love to play sports. You never want to make a Gracie mad. They are severely competitive and just a glance from them can freeze you. A Gracie's eyes are always blue. They turn colors into different shades of blue especially at the ocean and at night. Most tend to have darker shades of hair with highlights. Gracie's are hilarious and dirty in thought. But that's what people like about Gracie's. They like to be scary and see scary things. They like the thrill and rush of adrenaline. Gracie's are the most amazing person you will ever meet. You won't want to let go.
Oh my gosh girlfriend, why can't you be a Gracie!

I wish I was as good as sports as Gracie!

I want to be just like Gracie! We all do.

Gracie is so funny and smart!
by Thewholeworld September 15, 2014
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A Gracie is someone you want to know and be friends with. She makes a great girlfriend, wife, friend, etc. Gracie's are sexy beasts with a killer body. A Gracie has it all. She's drop dead gorgeous and stunning. She has beautiful long hair and electric blue eyes. A Gracie is who people strive to be. She's a little crazy at times but can be a lot of fun. The guys all want to have her as a girlfriend. There's only one problem with her. She doesn't realize any of this. She get depressed extremely often because she thinks she's fat and ugly and worthless. If only she knew how great she really is :(
Gracie looks damn SEXYYYYYY! Omg I want to be her. Why does she look sad?
by Gracie-o June 17, 2015
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Seems really lame is actually pretty cool, people just don't try to get to know her, a loyal friend who isn't appreciated enough by her friends.
Girl 1: ugh, look at her she's so lame.
Girl 2: Who "Gracie"? She's great though, Why did you even say that? You don't know her.
by 070702 February 05, 2017
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A name that implies MANY different things. Usually the cute name for a female named Greyson

The pinnacle of perfection in a female. Has stunning eyes, and an incredible personality. Starts out as seemly introverted, but has a charming, witty personality once a friendship is formed. More caring than anyone you'll likely ever meet and has an intellect that can be seen withing her eyes. Killer body with amazing curves and a sexy bust. Arouses men without realization. Legendary in bed. Very beautiful and interesting. Loves to cuddle in bed after a romantic evening; the perfect lover and knows how to make one feel like the center of the universe with a single glance.

The rarest female on this earth. Utterly unique. Gracie's make the greatest girlfriends/lovers/fiances/wives; is most likely to be your soul mate/other half. Living perfection.

N An amazingly sexy girl who has a perfect body but has no ego about her beauty. Often she is self doubting, bad still confident in herself. Can be "scene" in style with outrageous colored hair.

V Able to do all things exceedingly well. Never fails to impress. Has the innate ability to attract men from miles around due to her absolute sexiness.

Adj Drop dead sexy, perfect in beauty, poise; containing a refined elegance.
Man 1: Bro, I wish my girl was a Gracie.
Man 2: Sucks to be you, seeing as you're stuck with a Jess.

Woman: She's such a Gracie!! Look at how she dresses, ugh, I wish I was her!
Man: Yeah, I'd pick her over you...Just saying.

She, Gracie that test and got the highest score in the class!!
by Let's Kill Sarah Singer March 07, 2011
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A girl who can be extremely bitchy, but is still a good friend. She can be annoying, but will always be there for you.
by Funky boy 1287 March 07, 2018
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