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Wren is a person who has very low self esteem, but never lets that show. Wren uses humor to mask their insecurities. Wren is an hilarious, smart, and outgoing person who loves to make someone laugh. Wren has a lot of problems with love life, but doesn't worry too much about it. Wren is someone who is a shoulder to cry on, no matter how broken they are.
Wow! Do you know Wren? They're HILARIOUS!
by Choleee June 02, 2018
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Wren is an amazing and beautiful female with a contagious smile. She loves being around people and showing off her true talent, though she might think she doesn’t have it. She loves drawing and often posts her amazing artwork on her Instagram, which is frequently viewed by many. Wren has the voice of an angel, and the drawing skills of Leonardo DeVinci!
Did you see Wren’s new drawing? It’s better than the Mona Lisa!
by urboichungus March 28, 2019
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A bird or a name that is gender neutral. Wren is an insecure being, but is tough and shows no sign of being hurt. And instead, uses humor to hide their insecurities. Wren is a person who is intelligent, a shoulder to cry on, and a loving person. No matter how hurt they are, they still help others who are also hurt. Whenever wren is passionate about something, they always flaunt it and makes sure the world knows.
Hey, did you hear that Wren is gay?
by Choleee June 02, 2018
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A girl, usually with brown hair, that has a happy-go-lucky look on life. Shes pretty book smart, but sure knows how to party. With a good smile, she is the type that makes her best guy friend fall in love with her. And every guy that she knows, will at least once have a thing for her.
girl: "hey, how are you and Wren doing? Cuz I see you ;) "
guy: "yeah, haha, shes my Wren... don't tell anyone, but I think I like her :/ "
by ShayleeVeronicaPage April 12, 2011
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that kid who is always reading a book, though when she is not she will be drawing. aside from being an introvert she is also smart but will rarely raise her hand.
" have you seen Wren"
" no"
Wren was sitting behind them on a bench reading
via giphy
by that Ace April 15, 2019
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1)Russin slang term for "god".

2)Term for a person who gives great sex.
"I slave for my wren"

"Was it good?"
"O god he was a wren"
by yourgod June 19, 2003
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An amazing person who may sometimes come off as a bit awkward, but once you get past that, is lovely and badass. They will make you feel wanted and loved no matter what (unless you wrong them)
person one: who's that?

person two: thats wren!!! They're the coolest pal you could ever have
by Levixerenislife June 21, 2019
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