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A sweet, sensitive girl. A little shy, but she is one of the most caring, outgoing, and coolest person you'll ever meet. Many mistakes have been made, but she comes through. Don't doubt her. If she is one who likes you, give her a chance. She's very clever, likes to joke around, and has an active imagination. Her personality is amazing and flies off the chart.
Julee is the sweetest person ever!
by Pink Pillow October 02, 2011
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A verry great friend tha can always make you happy when your sad. usually verry pretty. loves the word NATASHAAA!!!!!! And is just oh so amazing.
Dang that julee girl is nice (:
by Julees Bestie Estelle February 07, 2010
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Julee is a very beautiful girl and whatever guy we’re to get her is the luckiest guy on the world! She is very smart, and she is also so sweet! She is very helpful and once again makes everyone so happy when she walks in the room. Plus, she is thicccc!
Manning: Have you seen her! She is so hot! I wish she was mine...
Jessica: I know right! That’s Julee, that’s just the way she is...
by Jewelcat517 November 09, 2019
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Ju Lee is a oriental way of saying or spelling Julie
Ju Lee is such a hott name!
by Julie January 25, 2005
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