Name given to the person that represents the height and embodiment of social and physical sophistication.

Jule, a compassionate, hearth-warming and an addictive sexual deviant. Due to her German roots she is often depicted as a scary, frighteningly beautiful and majestic person.

This robin can frequently, and quiet easily, become a huge ball of anxiety, which can only be contained and suppressed with constant, continuous reassurance and actions of affection. Her caring and loving personality will cause her to vigorously "sweat the small things". But then again, love, one of us has to.

Finding yourself a Jule is a near impossible accomplishment as their distinctiveness is a scarce and infrequent natural outlier.

This persuasive German woman knows exactly how and when to push your buttons and always ensures she gets what she wants.

The word "Bitte" will make you forget who you are and brainwash you, and as a man, it will make you trample over your pride and beliefs as the movement of her lips is enchanting and the sexiest thing you will witness and experience.

Our love isn't easy, chick. However our undying passion and respect towards eachother is capable of accomplishing anything. We both know that "good things come with time" , and at the end of it I'll happily call you my wife.
"Jule, are we waiting for someone?"
"Jule, don't worry, everything will be fine"
by Francesco03 January 13, 2022
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Best girlfriend you can get.
She`s sexy, lovely, sometimes a grumpy cat ,but still the best.
Her body is a dream . Try to keep her as your girlfriend!
She can cook so well.You can have so much fun with her, treat her right and marry her. She`s the best Girl.
she looks like a jule- care about her!
oh jule, you are a such a grumpy cat, i`ll give you some Food.
jule deserves the best man.
by tim3349k March 12, 2017
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A name for guys, girls or non-binary people . It’s origin is from Julius Caesar cause face it , if your name is Jule , you’re a war general from Ancient Rome .
Jule is tired of not finding their name on urban dictionary so they made a new definition .
by Julethehuman February 9, 2020
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Jule is absolutely amazing. She is a beautiful and funny human being. Her nice, caring and loving personality makes everyone love her. Many people would love to be Jule's friend.
"Did you meet Jule yet?"
"Yes, she is literally the cutest"
by tatamic July 14, 2021
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1. Quirky. Does things out of the ordinary.
2. Hot girl with bold looks.
3. Changes.
1. "My girlfriend is so fun and random, she is such a Jule."
2. Flower dress with dark eye make-up is so Jule.
3. "I never know what to expect, you're a real Jule."
by mumbajumba July 18, 2011
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If you have a Jule in your life, you’re one lucky person.
Jule is very caring and always wants the best for you; she’s just doing her thing and doesn’t really care about other people’s opinions.
If you have a Jule in your life, keep her!
I like this girl, she’s amazing! What’s her name?”
Oh, that’s Jule!”
by itsyagirlsophie17 September 14, 2019
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jule is the most genuine, sweetest, loveliest girl in the world. she is incredibly funny, smart and loving and the bestest friend in the world. she's understanding and always give you the feeling of being loved and cherished.

the way she cares for her friends is beautiful. she would do anything for them and always puts them first. sometimes you'll need to remind her to take care of herself, too. she's the best listener in the world.

despite what she says, she is the CUTEST girl ever. she's so pretty and beautiful and has the best style.
'See that Jule over there? Imma make her my wife.'

'Jule is the best friend you'll ever have'
by m9rkren January 30, 2020
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