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A Jushe is a jewish douche. Most commonly used as an insult. You know your a Jouche when you have no friends. Or if you wear socks with sandles and have an afro/mullet thing on your head.
Jack- Hey Mike, are you going to Timmy's barmitsfa?

Mike- No,Timmy is a Jouche.

Jack- Ya, he is.

Mike- Haha, who gives a rats ass if he is becoming a man?

Jack- Haha, not me, he will be a man when he gets fucking hair on his nuts.
by MoldyNutCheese March 27, 2009
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a word me and my friends made up today a Jewish douche (a cheap useless person) (we made it up cuz I was rlly tired and we were playing b ball and I tried to say douche but said jouche)
me: "what a jouche he stole my cheeseitz then chewed them up and spit them in my face!" ... Friend: " Ya! What a jouche!"
by HinesWARDx86x April 06, 2008
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A nickname for a douche with their name starting with a J. For example: Joey, or Jacob Sartorious.
"Why didn't Jouche turn up to school today?"
Or "Fuck off Jouche."
by Hoony1001 March 02, 2017
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