Denim: Totally awesome or cool, down right rad. The new age term for “sick dude.”
Dude, your air time off that jump was totally denim! That car is Denim dude. The place is Denim. Those boots are Denim!
by Hot mamma January 11, 2019
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Denim is an goffy,funny,crazy, and smart person she is and amazing friend and girlfriend. If you find a denim make sure you hold on tight to her because that’s an amazing person to have. Denim is a very attractive person very social and knows a lot of people she is beautiful and make sure you hold on tight to her cause she’s a amazing best friend and will ride and die with you.
Joyce: have you seen denim?
David: No. But Joyce I got this crush on her can you help me tell her?
Joyce: That’s my best friend!🤗😝😜
by Kia Johnson September 18, 2018
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A sweet, kind, caring and considerate girl. Usually has an awesome boyfriend and is a great kisser. Enjoys hanging out with friends and texting. People dont usually like her because of her weird name.
Boy: Did you see Denim today?
Girl: No... Why?
Boy: She was making out with her boyfriend
Girl: Oh I hear she's a great kisser!
by xX:DXx March 31, 2011
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Denim is a cool funny mean ass person who really doesn't give a fuck about shit and has a big penis
by Ycyfhhgv March 13, 2017
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A cute,tall,loyal,stiff,fly, don't really give a fuck ass person but sometimes can be kinda weird and and is a funny person
by Ycyfhhgv March 13, 2017
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The literal type of pants that Mario wears.
Bill: "Hey George, what type of pants does Mario wear?
George: "Fuck! I don't know. Overalls?"
Bill: "Nope, Denim Denim Denim!"
by BallzMcLongCock June 14, 2010
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“She’s wearing denim on denim. She has style. That’s what we call fashion. Take note
by Someone With High Fashion. September 3, 2019
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