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People have different meaning for it.
But if you make it it means you succeed with a partner, goal, family or in life.
"Me and Cindy made it"
"I made it in life"
We made it together
by SkyeLew August 10, 2015
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We black people have finally arrived to the level we wanted or so desired
Boy: Bruhh things aint like it use to be with white people being in top.

by Indonesia bihhh June 20, 2015
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a tight ass song from rapper eminem. contains lots of celebrity disses
we made you is so hilarious
by iamomega94 May 28, 2009
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Used to show excitement any time you do something well or get recognition for doing something well
*Looks at test grade to see that it is a 100*
"Mama we made it!!!"

"Gongrats on winning the gold medal John! What do you have to say about this moment?"

"Mama we made it!"
by Mr. Wendal March 20, 2014
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A phrase used when speaking to someone who isn't listening to a word you're saying in order to get their attention.
Mallory: My cousin and I were christmas shopping the other day and....

*Caroline's not paying attention*

Mallory: And then we made out.

Caroline: WHAT?!
by mallymalmal December 14, 2009
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We made it great; my vote mattered

Meaning is when a majority of African Americans voters along with other races come together to vote in a President that is more fit for this country.
When groups of people come together to vote into position a new bill that’s more qualified with better ideas or plans.
1. Person: The bill was passed there will be no discriminating at food franchises towards homeless people,
2. Person: We made it great; my vote mattered ...

BY : GiovanniDYMillYentei
by MillYentei DYSlick November 8, 2020
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An exclamatory expression popularized by NCT Johnny as inspired by his Mommy Suh which could be used when something has been achieved greatly.
Doyoung: Kick It MV was really made well.
Taeyong: We really did a great job this time. I can feel it.
Mark: We made it!
Johnny: Mom,we made it!
by Suh yeon January 22, 2021
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