A filthy Canadian, usually covered in maple syrup
Did you see that jibe on Q81? What was that all aboot, eh?
by Ererer May 09, 2019
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Reece: Hey man, ever had that feel when jibing?

Stanley: Yes, many times.
by JIBING October 31, 2012
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A verbal 'poke in the ribs'. An friendly insult
AHHHHH!!!! how do you feel? JIBED!!!!
by Milo Johnson December 13, 2002
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Random crap, often used in conjunction with the word "Random"
Isn't that the crap you cook where you just put a bunch of random jibe in there?

We thought it would be funny to put some random jibe in his shoes.
by GregR April 05, 2007
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ripped off ripped off ripped off
$10 for a pie. man was i jibed
by linton brooks September 24, 2006
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a cleaner synonym for the word 'screwed up'
Her face was all jibeed up like she'd been through a fire.
by Studd August 16, 2006
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"Why must you be such a loquacious jibe, Ronnie? RONNIE! Pay attention to me when I'm talking to you! RONNIE! You are a naughty, naughty, VICIOUS little boy!"
by Hannancheesesandwich & Caw October 17, 2008
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