A Nice, smart, funny girl. She's the best friend anyone can ask for. Jessica doesn't like showing off and is not like normal girls. She doesn't care about boys and drama but just about her friends and family. Usually has good comebacks so don't fuck with Jessica if you see one.
"Jessica plays hard to get"
by Mackbrun3 January 2, 2018
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Jessica is the best friend EVER. She is kind, athletic, smart, and beautiful. She lights up the world with happiness when she smiles. She has long, brown, wavy hair that sways when she walks. If you ever meet a Jessica, never let her leave your life, because hd is the most loyal, amazing, loving friend you will EVER have!!!
Lola: That girl is so nice

Lucas: I want to date her. What's her name

Isabela: She is totally a Jessica
by Skyheart1357 January 3, 2015
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A common name for 80's babies. Also, an extremely sexy and intelligent female, a goddess if you will.
Wow, her looks, her curves, her smile, her eyes , and personality is bangin'. She must be a Jessica!!!!
by Blu_eyez84 December 19, 2016
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A beautiful, lovely girl who makes friends easily and usually has a strong love for animals.
by Kittens101 December 30, 2015
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Super amazing, and beautiful girl that everybody likes.
She's like a Tiger. Majestic, graceful.
But she can and will rip you apart if you betray her.
She is a overall badass!!!!
1: Hey look it's jessica.
2: I'm going to go say hi.
1: Dude watch out she's like a tiger.
2: She's so nice though.
1: Dude she will fucking eat you alive!
by Владимир Путин January 31, 2015
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Jessica might seem a little weird to her friends, and they might make fun of her. But, little do they know, she will blossom into a beautiful person. Boys will fall head over heels for her when she's in her early adulthood, but when she was a kid she fit in with everyone else. So, sorry you fucking haters.
Friend #1: Eww, Jessica, don't do that. You look gross.
Jessica(thinking) : Well, I don't really give a fuck, you asshole.
Jessica: Okay.
Friend #1: When do you want those papers, boss?
Jessica: Tomorrow.
by TruthTeller567 February 24, 2016
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The girl Jessica is the hottest person you will ever see she will walk around with her gang/squad and she will make you fall for her and she will never care what other people think and guys will fall for her and if she likes you,you have to like her back because you never know when she falls in love with someone else
Yo Jessica is so hot
by Ask January 13, 2016
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