Lola’s are one of the best people you will meet, if you aren’t close to her she usually won’t try to become friends cause she isn’t very good at it. But if you are close she will care so so much about you and you would have to mess up big time for her to not like you anymore and usually if you do mess up big time she will still care about you. Lola’s usually have a rough personal life and there is usually something shitty going on in their lives but sometimes it is hard to know whether she wants to talk about it. Lola’s are usually really good at some type of art and will fascinate everyone with it. Lola’s will probably have no detentions and try’s their best in class. Lola’s love their friends and will comfort them when ever they need it. Lola’s are super strong and can get through anything. If Lola’s are ever annoyed at you you should always try to talk to them and talk about what you are feeling so you can try and work it out. Lola’s will always love their closet friends and always try’s to find a way to make things better. Lola’s will try their best to fight the shit going on behind the scenes but usually will let a lot out when she is with people she trusts.
Lola is going through so much but always manages to stay strong.

I love Lola and I hope our friendship never falls apart.

Why is she so good at art.
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This girl is a goddess the most beautiful girl anyone could wish for. Her eyes are so stunning that you got lost. She is truly unique but in a good way. She has a name that sounds so perfect coming out of the mouth. She is an absolute Inspiration and I look up to her everyday. She is very smart. She is very generous and would never hurt a fly. I seems pretty cool and I wish I was her
Lola is the best like goddesses are quaking
by babeeeeeeejuggyyyyyyyy July 21, 2018
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Lola is a person who's calm but also crazy, she's up for many challenges and loves to have fun, you should be friends with a lola, even though she can be salty sometimes she has great advice on stuff and listens well, she is usually understanding and loves food , and has many interest in sports
wow Lola is amazing
by Dede503 March 14, 2017
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A Lola is a girl who no one will ever forget. As soon as she walks into your life she will hook you and you will be stunned. And she has the most kind personality. If you ever meet a Lola, treat her like gold as on the inside she can be very sensitive and sad, which can come as a surprise as Lolas can be very popular.
dude 1: so, whats your girl’s name? She pretty damn fine.
dude 2: yeah she’s so fine. Her name is Lola.
dude 1: her name was lola, she was a showgirl...
by aestheticbitch February 7, 2018
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If you meet Lola, you will be so greatful. Lola can argue and she won't stop until she makes her point, but she's awesome and will never bring anyone down. Lola's make mistakes but are often forgiven. Lola's swear a lot, but have a great vocabulary. Lola's are hard to come by, but if you do your an awfully lucky person.
What do I gotta do to get a Lola
by Braden.theman December 9, 2017
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Lola is the cutest girl ever! she is super loyal, smart, and funny in her own way. She's the perfect catch for any guy, and if you got yourself a lola keep her, she's the marriage type, but won't back down from a fight. She's a ride or die, and the best friend ever, she won't let you down.
Me:Dude I honestly really like lola....
bro: Send it
by Djtitties September 7, 2018
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Lola is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She's hilarious without even trying, the slightest thing will set her laugh off and once you hear it you'll never be able to get enough of it because she has the most amazeballs laugh ever. Her laugh makes even the shittiest of days fun. With one flip of hair you'll completely ignore her size and her sass will completely take over and you'll have no choice but to give in ;)
Lola is loved widely and greatly and none more than me her #1 bestie (hi that's me for business enquiries pls hit me up wink wink) She is absolutely beautiful and she's the kind of girl you'll never be able to stop dreaming about because she's absolutely flawless and perfect even more so than Beyonce and Beytwice.
Guy 1: Dude, look at that girl she's amazing!
Guy 2: Ahahaha, that's Lola she's way out of your league mate.
by ElyasKardashian August 11, 2014
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