Jessica is a very independent girl. She is well rounded and involves herself in many activities with many people. Although she is independent she is a reliable and loyal friend when it comes down to it. Jessica’s weakness is her short temper. It’s easy to get on her nerves, but if you’re careful enough, she’s always a joy to be around. Jessica also typically has a loving family, that will always be there for her. Other than entertaining herself with countless clubs, she loves hanging out with them as well as her closest friends. Jessica is also known to be a scholar, trying her best in school. She is almost always involved in some sort of learning experience, but also typically has a well paying job. Juggling all her activities may also stress her out at times, but she is committed and says it is well worth it.
Jessica is an individual but enjoys time spent with friends, and is involved in many activities, including schooling and clubs.
by AllNames February 17, 2019
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A common name for 80's babies. Also, an extremely sexy and intelligent female, a goddess if you will.
Wow, her looks, her curves, her smile, her eyes , and personality is bangin'. She must be a Jessica!!!!
by Blu_eyez84 December 19, 2016
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Dis bitch is the dopest, most savage and most gorgeous person that u will ever see. She is just like the one person u can't touch, like if one ho try to touch her, she will literally Murder you. Oh and did I mention she's fantastic in bed and an Amazing kissed. She is just like SUPERWOMAN... any dude would be lucky to get even a look at her......👅
Dude 1: damn bae, Jessica pull in to the parking lot

Dude 2: here she comes
( people start fainting)
by March 11, 2017
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Confident, focused, walks in favor and grace.
Jessica is a vivacious lady
by Vivacious and Confident December 17, 2015
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She is super gorgeous and amazing and everyone loves her. Her smile will brighten your day. But the boys love her. Watch out. She's Miss Steal-Your-Man
A: Hey. Isn't that your boyfriend?
B: Jessica stole him.
by Shejustwalkedinbiatch October 30, 2017
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Jessica is a sweet girl. She is loved by most and is very modest. Her mind is strong, and it is very hard to sway her when she has her mind made up of something. She is a determined girl, and always persists. "Giving up" are not words in her vocabulary. She is fit, fun and kind. But, she is shy at times, and always gets tongue twisted when talking to people. People are instantly attracted to her generous and easy-going personality. Though she may not show it at times, she is scared of a lot of things. One of her fears is ending up alone, without a family. She is the definition of grace and beauty, and have men and women alike at her heels. She is never too quick to judge, and always sees the good in people before that bad. Although her shy and quiet demanner may be odd and strange when you first meet her, looking at her, you are instantly drawn in by her beauty and calm aura. Once she is comfortable with you, she can be very extroverted and energetic.
Guy 1: "Hey, who's that girl over there?"
Guy 2: "The kind looking one?"
Guy 1: "Yeah..."
Guy 2: "Oh, that's Jessica."
by -Shawns February 26, 2017
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A fun girl you'll meet when you least expect it. Will help you take aesthetic pictures to up that Instagram game. Will bring you holo when you're sad (haven't tested this yet, but it's a solid fact).
Jessica is surrounded by familiar places, worn out faces.
by S. Boi September 30, 2017
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