An awesome, outgoing, fun girl who is just naturally super pretty. She is not shy at all and she is an awesome friend to have. Will always cheer you up and is super real. Everyone wants to be friends with her. She's down to do almost anything, from shopping to camping.
I want to hang out with Jessica.
by TheNameIsSoup October 31, 2016
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Probably the most lovely person you could ever meet, she's smart, intelligent and all around amazing. You should never take advantage of her innocence and should always be kind to her, she can make your day just by looking at you, you don't need to know her to love her. You should just be happy that she knows your name and will be kind and laugh with you -Remy Hannah
I love Jessica
by Remy hannah April 3, 2018
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Quiet Around People She Isn't Familiar With But Be Sure If She Is Your Friend She Will Not Shut Up. Her Laugh Will Make Anyones Day Better. Her Smile Will Light Up The Darkest Of Rooms Most Of The Boys Will Have A Crush On Her At Some Point
Boy:Do Any Of You Have A Crush On Jessica
Other Boy : Don't We All
by Big Alex July 21, 2019
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A girl who resembles a ray of sunshine with only a few friends, but is very likable. This girl likes to go by bægg
Whoa my gosh, that girl is so perky she's definitely a Jessica
by happydragon0218 April 17, 2015
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Jessica is a nice, loving person that loves animals. Is beautiful, cute, tall and pretty. Usually friend with blonds just like the name patricia.
Hi Jessica, your pretty
by shvachadcvady February 10, 2015
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Jessica is an amazing friend she is kind and carrying but can be a weird ,she usually has a few pets, she usually has dark hair, she has the guts to stand up for a true friend because she is a true friend, she is hot and fit
guy1: omg she is such a Jessica
guy2: I know right I wish j was her boyfriend

guy1: same
by Fizz_ball August 26, 2017
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Jessica is an amazing person who has a sexy appearance as well as personality everywhere she goes the boys can’t help but to get a boner. She may be mad at you but she can never stay mad at you unless you are a son of a cunt. She has big fronts ( tits) and backs bum. You can easily become her friend as long as you have a funny sense of humour. Once she loves you she can’t get you out of her mind, break her heart and her friends will kill you. It is your loss if you lose her as a friend treat her right and she will give you all the respects you deserve.
Girl: Omg Jessica is such a whore
Boy: Shut up she is way better than you

Girl2: Omg Jessica come over here we got another stupid hoe who hates you!
by dankjess November 27, 2018
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