Extremely sexy, beautiful, smart, kind hearted, loving, thoughtful. Loves outdoor adventures, but is also great at cuddling and making her man happy in every way!
Man, Jessica sure is a hottie and knows how to have fun outdoors, but I love the fun she brings in doors if you know what I mean?!
by CountryGirl83 December 20, 2016
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A greek name which means "What god beholds"

Actual meaning: Very impish, pretty, complex, deadly.
"Man that jessica girl is pretty, but i cant read her."
by sticksstonesxx March 24, 2009
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evil and a pain and loves to hit people in the mouth and not a good name for a cute puppy
by nota goodname March 24, 2018
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Jessica, is a special person. She is everything you would want to visually see. Gorgeous, of course. Eyes, amazing, can easily get lost in them. She may think they are simple but they more beautiful then an ocean sunset. Smile, makes every man and woman stop in there tracks. Amazing hair without even trying and she is the perfect size. But that’s not all that makes up someone. What makes Jessica so special is who she is as an individual. Caring, always looking to help others before herself. Supportive. She will be behind you 100% whatever you decide to do. Easy going. She likes all the same things as you because she is just that cool (and she isn’t lying about it) Sweet. She is just all around sweet. She is as sweet as southern sweet tea made by the South’s sweetest Grandma! All in all, Wifey material.
“Look at that gorgeous chick over there dude! And check out her amazing smile!”
“That’s my girlfriend bro! Her name is Jessica and I’m going to marry her one day
by TheOGTeddyBear April 8, 2020
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Beautiful girl who loves to sing or whistle or hum. Great with animals and people alike. Great friend to talk to. Guys love her. Very pretty with big boobs
"Wow who's that girl over there laughing with her friends?"
"oh that's Jessica"
by blondie June 5, 2015
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Often seen and accused of being a slut, that is not the case. She is faithful as a puppy. She can be a little crazy at times, but also wise, and typically more intelligent than she puts off.
Jessica knows her stuff when it comes to real life but she can get a bit feisty!
by JSuzie July 16, 2019
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