Shes kind of a big deal, 24 hours and you will fall in love with her.
" Dam look at that girl over there"

"Shes definatly a Jessica"

"youve got no chance with a Jessica! "
by Partygirl12 April 05, 2013
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A brilliant, beautiful and vivacious girl with a love for life and beauty. A girl who likes to talk and make new friends. A girl with 100 different laughs. A sassy and independent girl who wants to live life on her terms. Lover of animals, small children and old peoples
Did you see Jessica, she just helped that old man cross the road, while walking 3 dogs and carrying a baby!
by Kekica December 21, 2016
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A girl who makes the world keep spinning, she makes time move slower, she makes the clear skies at night that much better. She makes the sun that much warmer. She makes the birds sing louder. She makes your face smile. She's the moon of your life, the highlight of the skies at night. She shines when the stars do not. She's the love of your life.
but loves dick
"Jessica's Strange man." "Naw she's just interesting."
by HI jessica July 18, 2017
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A meme obsessed girl that loves cats
Jessica do your homework stop looking at memes
by #haters February 02, 2018
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weard, out going, crazy, specal, loving, making stuff up.You like to go and play be your self out going is like playing sports, wowness making up words, loves people especily boys and will always be special
Jessica is the best!!
by jennifer landon February 11, 2009
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A beautiful infact stunning red head one of the most beautiful girls on the planet and you are extremely lucky to meet one - if you have a Jessica in your life never ever let her go. They are extremely trustworthy, kind, caring, sensitive, loyal, innocent, hilarious - everything you have ever wished for in a friend you have got in a Jessica
Man 1 :She's lovely isn't she
Man 2: yeah she's such a Jessica
by a Jessica lover July 30, 2013
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