Isabela is gorgeous and pretty. She is so relatable and will always make you laugh no matter what situation. She is always clumsy walking into things. Isabela is not Isabella it’s Isabela. She is dependable and has lots of friends. Even tho she has lots of friends she likes to be in groups of friends. Isabela is trustworthy, dependable, pretty, funny and smart. She can be shy sometimes but once you know her she is the bestest or kindness friend you will ever meet.
Damn I wanna be Isabela’s friends
by Thefunnyone November 22, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you will ever know, she lights up caves with a smile that will leave you amazed... and a heart of gold... can do no wrong, and one day they will write a song in her honor....
isabelamybaby isabelasogreat
by lars&thebestgurl February 4, 2010
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The nicest person you will ever meet in your who life time and is always there for her friends no matter how weird they are.
Shaniah:*eating hand sanitizer*
Isabela:* stop that*
Shaniah continues to eat hand sanitizer*
Isabela:*I SAID STOP*
by and i oop- sksksk April 16, 2020
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Isabela is one of the most beautiful names in the world it is spanish for god of plenty
Kayleigh: Hey babe where’s Isabela?
Me: I don’t know
by Tristan Ellis December 22, 2018
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The most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seeing in my whole life. She is sweet but also a little bit impatient. She is quiet, but observes everything around.
By the way, she is not that quiet when some movie or TV show starts on TV… when something like this happens, she just can’t stop talking and I love that!

She has the most shiny and long black hair, the most perfect smile in this world, the most delicious voice that I’ve ever heard… oh Gosh I could listen to her speaking forever. And I hope I will.

She is the love of my life and I could spend all my life writing about her.
Isabela is Nathally’s love of life!
by Nathally November 24, 2021
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An amazing girl with a fabulous body. Boys look at her up and down when they first look at her and think how fabulous she is. Do not confuse her for the bitches named Isabella with double L. She is fabulous and has long and wavy hair. She is the sexiest sex bomb at all social events and will make boys crazy.

She is extremely intelligent and has the ability to get many friends quickly. When the time comes to support her friend or her relationship she is not afraid to stand up to any bitch in town.
Holy crap look how sexy Isabela is!!!!
by Ticklish the Truck Driver September 26, 2010
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Isabela is my friend. She is very sweet, beautiful, intelligent and charming person. She likes to read a lot. She has a crush on Johnny depp and Robert Pattinson. She’s pretty patient. I don’t understand how tho I complain to her every day about something new. We love Isabela!! Fun fact her she really likes Harry styles music Especially cherry and Carolina.
Hi Isabela!!!! Anyways here’s a hot gif of Olivia Wilde
by LiveLaughLanaDelRey June 11, 2021
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