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Someone who is hyper and loves to laugh. She tends to be quiet at first, but once you get to know her she may just want to keep talking. Jeslyn's make amazing friends, known worldwide as some of the loyal and sweetest friends you can have. They can also be known as some of the greatest eye candy you will ever see.
God I wish I could have a friend like Jeslyn.
by Blue_Noel December 19, 2012
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Jeslyn is someone who has a beautiful smile. She loves to smile and laugh.

Jeslyn is also someone who likes to help others, but many don't appreciate it and take her for granted.

Jeslyn is cute in her own way, and what she does brings people joy.
God, Jeslyn is one the most sweetest girl ever!
by daisycarierhogwarts April 19, 2018
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Jeslyn is super nice and has a beautiful smile. The meaning behind it means wealth and beauty. She is very faithful but hates when people talk behind her back. She's pretty sensitive and will get sad easily. She can get very hyper and eat too much sugar, or at some points laugh for no reason. If someone were to create a rumour about her she would expose them, and u wouldn't like to get exposed by her. She's pretty short and has beautiful green eyes and talked a whole lot. She's a pretty good friend if you get to know her. If you are bratty she will hate you. She can be very hateful. But she can also be loving, outgoing and hilarious! She can crack you up in 2 minutes. Or less. She's got a one of a kind sweet tooth that will munch on everything sweet or chocolatey. Jeslyn is one of the best people to know or be friends with if you deal with her right. You don't want to get her mad! Anyways, she's a wonderful person to hang around, so ft yourself a Jeslyn!
"Omg is that Jeslyn?"
"Yup. I totally wish I was her.
by Monseir Alex W September 07, 2018
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Jeslyn is a name given to a person who's a very beautiful and smart. She's a person who would only let a certain number of people in her circle and trusts only a few. To be a Jeslyn is to be very intellectual and cunning. She would be an epitome of evil genius. But if you're a loved one to her, consider yourself lucky cause she's gonna be there for you no matter what. If you have a Jeslyn, don't lose her and don't stop loving her cause she's all you need to get set in life.
Omg You've got a jeslyn, damn secy life
by Tary georgi January 23, 2019
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