To pass off work on to another co-worker(s), as to avoid doing any work yourself.
Mike handballed his project to Mark because he was lazy.
by Brentobox88 November 29, 2009
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A city sport played against a wall with you hards. Probably one of the oldest and greatest games. Played in the U.S. and Ireland, in U.S. mostly in New York City.
Whoa, did u see how he hit that handball?
by Stan June 14, 2003
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Australian colloquial use, meaning to unilaterally give responsibility for a problem to someone else. Comes from Australian Football, where the "handball" is the fastest legitimate way to dispose the football. The receiving player gets no protection if they receive a handball, they are subject to immediate tackle. Often when players are about to be tackled they desperately handball to a teammate, solving their immediate problem but often putting the receiving player in the same difficulty. Where the receiver is put in physical danger, it is a "hospital handball". Also known as the "hand pass".
Ian didn't want to deal with the difficult project, so he handballed it to me.
by timattrn November 6, 2017
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The best sport in the world, like tennis but not exacly. The most popular place in the world to play is coney island, Brooklyn, New York City
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
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The sublime art of inserting a hand into the anus, gradually becoming more popular thank god :-) also known as fisting. Involves slowly penetrating the anus using lots of lubricant until the wrist has passed the sphincter, at this point the hand will form a fist or ball inside the rectum, more advanced players proceed into the anal passage and can insert the arm even beyond the elbow in some cases, but this requires years of practice and great trust in the top. Unfortunately much doping is practiced in this sport.
We are having a handball session tonight want to give us a hand?
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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The game that everyone seems to claim to have been beastly at when they were in Elementary School.
Alan: Damn, I remember in Elementary School, we used to play handball! I was a beast!

Mike: Damn, bro, so I was! I was the best! I would never sit on the bench!
by GymTyme December 26, 2010
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(Gay) Another term for fisting
He's into some heavy duty shit, like scat and handball.
by Anonymous July 7, 2003
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