3 definitions by Steven Bunton

the nice way of calling someone a cock sucker
Wen the kids are around I don't like to cuss but sometimes this jitts can be an ock smucker ...

Sometimes wen my wife is around I just wanna call her a cock sucker but then she tells me I need to be nice so I said ok u ock smucker
by Steven Bunton May 6, 2021
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Doing actions that you don't allow others to do.
Being ok for you to ignore your spouse but not ok for them to ignore you.
Double' Jeopardy- the allowance of you to do wrong but not others.
by Steven Bunton April 5, 2022
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My girl is very important but also very slow so therefore she is a vsip.
by Steven Bunton June 17, 2021
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