the time of day when everyone spams your snapchat feed with a black screen and a clock just to let everyone know that they're crushing on someone when it's obviously not gonna last
11:11 him!
by rofl my waffle January 7, 2017
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an annoying time that ppl should stop posting on their snapchat stories
11:11 make a wish
11:11.... thinking about him
by looooolalala August 17, 2017
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When people spam your feed letting the whole world know you’re crushing/dating someone and you want the whole world to know
11:11- omg. He’s so cute.

11:11- omg. Did you hear what my boyfriend did for me today? It was so cute!
by Imagine.dragons.lover January 25, 2018
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A time where you tell someone about how much you love them and that you want them to be happy.
e.g: "it's 11:11! I must tell my friends I love them"
by 11:11 time January 28, 2017
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The time of day when one should make a wish while looking at the clock.
shit mang, it's 11:11, i gotsa make a wish!
by Myke October 16, 2004
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The time of the day where you make a wish and post it on a black picture with the time on snapchat. People usually add a caption, which hints towards their wish. The most used topic for 11:11 is your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend. If it's your crush, then good luck trying to get them, as it's one of the ways to not get a girlfriend/boyfriend.
Guy 1: Hey look! It's 11:11! I wish for the girl that I like!
Guy 2: Don't you also mean the one that you aren't going to get, if you keep this up?
by JoeyTK November 12, 2017
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It is the time of day where you make a wish while looking at a clock
Hey mate, it's 11:11 I gotta make a wish
by Fofo.xoxo September 11, 2017
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