1. French pronunciation of "jean on jean". Pronounced "zhahn on zhahn"
2. a clothing ensemble of at least two denim pieces
3. a person wearing jeans and a jean jacket or shirt
4. alternately, "Canadian Tuxedo," "Mexican Tuxedo,"
1. (Sarcastic) Check out your boyfriend over there... jean en jean, lookin' good!
2. ZOMG, I'm so embarassed! My dad is wearing jean en jean!
by Lumerian March 09, 2009
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Something that assholes wear every single day, and the same kind, too.
That asshole Robyn wears the same jeans every day.
by nicolassssssssssssss April 18, 2008
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are denim pants made by Italians. When Ameri's put these pants on it gives them a glowy feeling and at first they seem out of place. If one gets enough brownie points after buying many pizzas and eating alot of italian foods they are considered friends of the mafia. It's all in the pants. Some Ameri's never learn and thier pants are taken away which really is a sad thing, because without jeans what must one wear to stay comfy in the winter months. If the Ameri isn't a hunter, then they will be persicuted into an asylum. The italians never care. We just make the pizza to go with the jeans. A true italian never wears jeans with holes in them.
The hobo won't shut up when she has her Jeans on.

Prada Jeans made for the Queen.
by europopian December 14, 2009
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When a girl tells you her skinny jeans are denim but they stretch like spandex.
Kimberleez was totally wearing jeanings today.
by KBWWz March 24, 2016
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When one partakes in an act of intercourse without actually removing ones jeans. They simply stick they’re erect penis through they’re undone zipper.
Nah man I can’t be asked to take everything off so I just go around jeaning
by Jeangirl669 April 25, 2019
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Skinny Jeans – Noun – Derogatory nickname for a hipster or preppy metrosexual loser who can’t relax, even while on a vacation, and is compelled to work and go for a run every morning so to not gain even 1 pound for 1 day and be in good with the boss. Also sometimes used for an uptight poser who waits in line at the iStore for 5 hours to get the newest device the day it comes out.
While at breakfast the boys teased the absent Skinny Jeans about leaving the strip club early and working all night in the hotel room then going for a run at 6 AM even though they were in Vegas for a bachelor party.
by Giggles T. Clown September 20, 2014
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A Jean Kirstein is seen as cocky, honest, and hot-headed. Some believe that he is a fine looking man. When he got frustrated, a Feckled Jesus use be there to calm him down. Nowadays he roams with his herd to fight Titans. It is hinted that he may resemble a horse. Many have created theories and fanart, but it has yet to be confirmed whether or not he is in fact, a horse.
Mikasa: Man, Jean Kirstein seems really confident today.
Armin: Yeah! He's so awesome and good looking! I wish I could be like him
by ErenJäger November 08, 2015
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