a beautiful brazilian babe that everyone admires and loves and is full of charm and is extremely flirty.
When I was walking to class Jeane winked and me and I almost bumped into a lamp post.
by taka22 February 04, 2010
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the ship name of Jennifer and Anna. The only true soulmates who share one braincell.
#Jean is the best ship in the world
by chanelmochi May 18, 2020
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Cooler than lit
Person 1:that’s so jeans man
Person 2: yea that’s pretty lit
Person 3: it is really cool!
by Shlong69 December 05, 2019
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When a girl tells you her skinny jeans are denim but they stretch like spandex.
Kimberleez was totally wearing jeannings today.
by KBWWz March 25, 2016
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v. 1)The act of releasing one's seminal fluids on a female's jeans. Particularly when trying to shoot one's fluids over a female while she's in the bed, but instead the fluids land on her jeans. This often results from the females' dislike for these fluids on her skin and therefore can be used as a punishment.
a) Well she said she didnt want it in her face, so she paid the price and got jeaned.
b) After a few drinks, I got her shirt off but she wouldnt give me head, so I finished it myself and jeaned her up good.
by Brad April 18, 2004
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a stupid over-worn piece of clothing that has taken over the human race.
Joe: wow, did you realize that everyone in this room from that baby to that old man is wearing jeans?

Fred: yeah, so?

Joe: i mean, don't you think its weird that like, everybody wears jeans like every day?

Fred: i don't care, their comfortable. I mean, what are people supposed to wear?

Joe: forget it.
by synnical_sue September 06, 2009
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