a stupid over-worn piece of clothing that has taken over the human race.
Joe: wow, did you realize that everyone in this room from that baby to that old man is wearing jeans?

Fred: yeah, so?

Joe: i mean, don't you think its weird that like, everybody wears jeans like every day?

Fred: i don't care, their comfortable. I mean, what are people supposed to wear?

Joe: forget it.
by synnical_sue September 06, 2009
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An article of clothing for people with TWO legs. It was made popular during the California Gold rush in the United States. A jean is awesome because it typically fits the contours of a person's butt, be it lumpy, skinny, or "just right". Sometimes really ghetto people will wear jeans that are exceptionally baggy... these people often get shot for doing dumb things like carrying marijuana, heroin, oxycontin, crack-cocaine, etc. in their JEANS. A jean is so ubiquitious that babies have often times replaced their teddy bears with a jean. Now babies all across the world sleep heavenly as they grasp tightly onto their jean.
by SKimmy Milk? January 31, 2009
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A very, very self-centered and arrogant person. If it's a girl, she has to get what she wants or else she'll get super mad at you. She always blames everything on you. If upyou make a super small mistake to her, the whole world will fall down. She has a small good side, but her bad side is even stronger. Don't cross paths with her- you'll regret it the minute you start.
Jean." Oh, hi!" ( this is her nice side)
A month later...
Jean:" why did u embarrass me in front of them? "
You:" Jean, u always blame everything on everyone."
Jean:*walks away*
by ~anonymousnametruth May 31, 2017
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1. To jean, meaning to go, leave, vacate or exit.
2. To go jean meaning to go under, white, west or in some cases just feeling sad
1. "Let's jean the scene", "Dave already jeaned"
2. "Smoking that massive spliff after all those beers sent me completely jean", "I've been going jean all week"
by JeanLukePickard February 17, 2017
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Something that assholes wear every single day, and the same kind, too.
That asshole Robyn wears the same jeans every day.
by nicolassssssssssssss April 18, 2008
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are denim pants made by Italians. When Ameri's put these pants on it gives them a glowy feeling and at first they seem out of place. If one gets enough brownie points after buying many pizzas and eating alot of italian foods they are considered friends of the mafia. It's all in the pants. Some Ameri's never learn and thier pants are taken away which really is a sad thing, because without jeans what must one wear to stay comfy in the winter months. If the Ameri isn't a hunter, then they will be persicuted into an asylum. The italians never care. We just make the pizza to go with the jeans. A true italian never wears jeans with holes in them.
The hobo won't shut up when she has her Jeans on.

Prada Jeans made for the Queen.
by europopian December 14, 2009
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Jean is woman with big lips and she’s has a big house and she is bald headed and she don’t have no hair
Hey my name Jean

Hey Jean big lips
by Thehvegsgsvshdh November 11, 2019
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