Expensive fashionware company referenced in many song lyrics, especially in references to purses and bags
she was cute, and mad fly
she had the Prada knapsack, with the hat to match - lil' kim
by sek April 3, 2003
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Prada isn't just a name brand. Prada is a nickname given to the best hype man EVER! No joke, he will hype you up like no freaking tomorrow, you feel like you're soaring through the high heavens, capable of doing absolutely anything possible. He is just that amazing of a dude. He is always positive, always there for you, and just an incredible, all around person. Everyone needs a Prada in their life.
That dude is so cool. He must be Prada.
by GucciSyrena February 6, 2020
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When you get fucked by two men, one in Gucci flip flops, and the other in target brand shoes. Prada describes your mans sexual experiences/ quality of your own experience. 9 inches minimum
Ex: yeah his dick gave me a Prada time. My experience was Prada.
by Jake Bangington August 10, 2017
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