Jean is a boy Name
He is a very nice person who likes to be with good friends and has always a great time. He is a very kind guy, but can rarely be very mean. He is considered to be a helpful, kind, loving, happy, motivated and trustful person. He keeps agreements and can be fully trusted. In relationships with girls, he does everything to make his girlfriend happy and proud.
Iβ€˜ve met Jean, he is such a nice guy
by F1._center October 22, 2019
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Jean, as a male name, is an amazing person... You will never meet someone like Jean in your entire life. He's very goofy and has absolutely no shame for acting batshit stupid just to make you smile. He is willing to sacrifice anything just for you.

Once he's decided he loves you, he will never give up on you...ever... He's is an amazing friend and A VERY PASSIONATE and funny lover. He most likely named his dick something either funny or ironic. Yeah... He's that shameless.

He will enjoy your company no matter what and will always listen to your problems. His kisses give you butterflies and his dominant nature in the bed will make you see the stars.

He looks hot in EVERY ANGLE And has a KILLER jawline...

He loves his friends very much and will never give up on anyone. Did I mention he's one hell of a sadist?... Yah...

Jean is simply amazing, and even though he has his own set of MAYOR issues, he will always make time and space for you. Keep him close, and keep him safe... He will do the same for you
you: goodnight Jean, ily

Jean: awww GOODNIGHT I LOVE YOU FOREVERRR and may all the stars hug you!!! <3

You: I- ... πŸ˜«πŸ’–
by tinytubs11 January 21, 2021
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Bro is so fucking cool you can’t compete. Anyone named Jean is a god made by god himself! If your name is Jean you’re superior just know that. Jean supremacy!
Person 1: have you seen how cool he is?! I wish I was him.
Person 2: That's a Jean alright!
by Vin March 18, 2021
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