Claim to be human but is actually half horse.
He is gay for Marco, but Marco is only half the man he used to be so it will never work out.

horseface idiot marco aot attackontitan
Or "MARCO! JEAN!" *marco gets eaten by a Titan
by Rivaille Lance Ackerman February 10, 2016
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One salty, manipulative piece of shit who will buy gifts for you just so he can say "I wish I never got you this" in an argument.
Guy 1: Who's the saltiest person you've ever met?
Guy 2: Jean, of course.
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by jeanisasaltyboi February 06, 2019
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Jean a character from genshin impact, also known as the acting grand Master and a lesbian for lisa.

Also known as dandelion tights
Person 1 : "Hey do u know who jean is?"
Person 2: "Yea jean from genshin impact, Lisas gf and the acting grand Master"
by VENTI :33 January 21, 2021
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Young, clever, and witty: Jean will never miss a punchline. Conversations with him will be mentally stimulating and worth staying up till the late hours of the night for. Though he may be a hardcore Frank Ocean fan, he will make up for it in thoughtfulness and silver tongued remarks. Warning: you may want to kiss him.
John: “where did you get that weird smiley faced bowl?”
Xochilt: “oh, Jean gave it to me.”
by Brownblitzgirl May 02, 2021
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An annoying woman that is usually married to another annoying person named Stephen. They get mad very easily. She is either a teacher or a substitute, and will not listen to a student even if the kids idea is better than her own idea. She has long curly hair, and is average height.
Jean is soooooooooo annoying. Whenever i see her i want to barf
by Jean = mean June 03, 2019
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A grant women/young men that is kind to other and has a great person to help out but he may get mad of say bad thing but he will sometimes get over it
Jean is nice
by Underloed1019 June 25, 2018
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