"wow jean really loves harry"
by jean lol January 4, 2022
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Young, clever, and witty: Jean will never miss a punchline. Conversations with him will be mentally stimulating and worth staying up till the late hours of the night for. Though he may be a hardcore Frank Ocean fan, he will make up for it in thoughtfulness and silver tongued remarks. Warning: you may want to kiss him.
John: “where did you get that weird smiley faced bowl?”
Xochilt: “oh, Jean gave it to me.”
by Brownblitzgirl May 2, 2021
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A grant women/young men that is kind to other and has a great person to help out but he may get mad of say bad thing but he will sometimes get over it
Jean is nice
by Underloed1019 June 25, 2018
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Jean is a young male with a 12 foot dick jean really on the gang shit dark skin male
by Keeny Johnson March 29, 2018
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An annoying woman that is usually married to another annoying person named Stephen. They get mad very easily. She is either a teacher or a substitute, and will not listen to a student even if the kids idea is better than her own idea. She has long curly hair, and is average height.
Jean is soooooooooo annoying. Whenever i see her i want to barf
by Jean = mean June 3, 2019
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Know-it-all prick who thinks he's right but is really not.
He's such a Jean don't listen to him he doesn't know what he's saying!
by Holo sexual August 30, 2017
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An article of clothing for people with TWO legs. It was made popular during the California Gold rush in the United States. A jean is awesome because it typically fits the contours of a person's butt, be it lumpy, skinny, or "just right". Sometimes really ghetto people will wear jeans that are exceptionally baggy... these people often get shot for doing dumb things like carrying marijuana, heroin, oxycontin, crack-cocaine, etc. in their JEANS. A jean is so ubiquitious that babies have often times replaced their teddy bears with a jean. Now babies all across the world sleep heavenly as they grasp tightly onto their jean.
by SKimmy Milk? February 1, 2009
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