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The state or federal slammer, as opposed to the local clink, or minimum-security house.
You run away from in da house, and yo goin to da big house, wen day catches you!
by Fly On The Wall October 23, 2005
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Another term for prison or jail. It's a slang term used by many of today's youth as well as some older people hip to the fact.
He got put in the bighouse
by StackinChips May 29, 2006
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When someone listens to music that only has nonstop bass.

A house song that only goes; BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.
*boom boom boom boom*
Bob: "Terry, have you heard this song before?"
Terry: "Yes Bob, it is played by every DJ that has no creativity. It is called Big House."
by Dr. Houseikins February 20, 2014
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Refers to the action and euphoric stage of consuming THC through a Bong. When lighting and holding a bong, the participants arms and elbows create a triangle like shape when arms hold the base of the bong while elbows are resting on top of the legs. typically taken sitting down.
Brad:"You going to the Big House chad?"
chad:"Yeah Brad. its been a long day and im dying to visit the big house!"

-Taking/Packing a Big House
-i'm pretty medicated from that big House earlier?
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by revisit June 15, 2018
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