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A great young talented rapper, real name Jared Higgins. Responsible for "Lucid Dreams", "All Girls Are The Same", "Bandit" and many more.

On December 8th, 2019, Jared Higgins died from a seizure at an airport in Chicago, at only 21 years of age. May he rest in peace.
Man, I'm fucking done! It seemed like yesterday Juice WRLD was with us yesterday. It's fucked up how these legends die so young.
by Hey whats up guys its scarce December 08, 2019
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Jarad Anthony Higgins, born on December 2, 1998 was signed to Interscope Records on March 13, 2018 after the release of Lucid Dreams (June 15, 2017) and All Girls are The Same (December 22, 2017)

Carmella Wallace is his mother and his main caretaker as his father left at the young age of 3 years old, Juice WRLD says in an interview he didn’t start taking music seriously until high school when his friends said it was something he could literally pursue. He released his first Single ever on SoundCloud in 2015 (Forever) and went on from there, most known for Lucid Dreams, All girls are the Same, and Wasted (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

On December 8, 2019 Juice WRLD suffered a drug induced seizure, caused by many Oxycodone pills with Codeine. Juice WRLD was headed home from a tour when police were notified by his pilot that the jet he was in was carrying firearms, and narcotics. When police were on bored Juice WRLD’s management team said he swallowed “several unknown pills”
And started convulsing, he was later pronounced dead at the Advocate Christ Medical Center, Chicago IL. Police discovered 41 bags of marijuana (70lbs) on the jet along with medically prescribed Codeine Cough Syrup.
Have you heard Juice WRLD’s new song, “Empty
by Jxckkk March 21, 2020
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From Calumet Park, Illinois, is this dope ass rapper/emo rapper who is known for his breakout songs, "All Girls Are The Same" and "Lucid Dreams" both racking up millions of views. He's pretty damn good, and he's not your average, garbage ass soundcloud rapper.
Person 1: "Yo let me put you on this song. It's called Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld"
Person 2: "Ay this shit kinda makes me think about my ex. It slaps styll"
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juice wrld was a legend who passed away from a seizure earlier today which is 12/8/2019
person 1: shit i heard juice wrld died
person 2: first x an now juice wrld
by BLаZe December 08, 2019
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The greatest of this decade. His death affected me more than any other recently.
LONG LIVE JUICE WRLD... I can't even wrap my head around this.
by Ayee1K December 08, 2019
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The amazing rapper that died on December 8th, 2019. Every single Juice WRLD song was banging. He will be missed.
Fan: omg I really hope that Juice WRLD was taking his death.
by RealDefinitions_123 December 08, 2019
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