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Possibly the gratest genre of music ever conceived by man .... Ever! Not only is Metal one of the oldest and most robust genres of music, spanning back as far as the 70s when the band Black Sabbath combined Blues and rock with dark lyrical content and down tuned guitars (Most metal heads will agree that Black Sabbath "invented" metal), but its also the most diverse genre of music. Five Common Genres of Metal are Heavy,Thrash, Death, Black and Power and this branches off into all different fusion an crossover genres, there are now hundreds of different Metal variants, which is one of the reasons it has survived and thrived for so long.

Metal music generally is a very fast, aggressive, loud and technical sounding music, ofcourse it depends on what type is i mentioned erlier, there are so many different types. After Black Sabbath, metal bands started growing and progressing but still keeping the same raw sound.

From the 1980's up to today metal has evolved into so many different forms such as Black metal, Death metal, Groove metal, Progressive metal, Power metal, Gothic metal, Funk metal, Folk metal, Rap metal, Punk metal, Experimental, Stoner metal, Drone metal, Sludge Metal, Industrial metal, Extreme metal and hundreds of different combinations of the above.

Warning, watch out for fake metal or poser metal bands or emo bands such as Bring me the Horison, Suicide Silence, Black Veil Brides, Slipknot, to name a few.
(Non metal Emo kid): BMTH and Suicide Silence are the most Brutal bands ever!!!!!!!

(Metal head): Fucking lol.

(Emo kid): WHAT? UR U SERIOUS ???? Metal Music IS GAY!!

(Metal head): then simply puts some Strapping young lad on full volume, emo kid's then explodes into a wonderfull rainfall of blood an guts witch lands on the ground spelling out the letters METAL IS FUCKING AWESOME !!!!
by Musicallyobsessed92 August 24, 2011
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A once glorious musical genre that has fallen to crass commercialism and catering to teenage edgelords. It used to be great with the Scandinavian bands doing a great job in contrast to the crude and unoriginal American bands that often just use garbled screaming and desperately tries to appeal to young neo-anarchist crowds while the nordic bands do a better job at making impressive metal that doesn't revolve around mindless screaming.
by Deadmojo August 30, 2018
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A genre of music characterized by anger, violence, loud driving acoustic drums mixed with electric string instruments, often including depressing ballads, men in makeup and hair extensions, and male camel toe.
This bar used to be fun, but the DJ is into metal music, and now only white trash people go there.
by SaffronTangerine January 21, 2015
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