Jan means Just Another Nigger. A code used when a nigger does something really stupid or evil.
The punk that beat up and robbed that 80 year old lady is only 12 years old. Hey Jan man.
by benth March 14, 2009
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to act silly or to act a fool. someone who is hyper and crazy
Wow, that girl was so jan last night!
Look at that guy... what a jan
by ishma.is.jann October 30, 2010
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adj. describing a totally relaxing environment; a more extreme version of "chill"
"Were you at Jonathan's kickback yesterday?"
"Yea, it was jans"
by phung December 24, 2008
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Clumsy forgetful lady who forgets to put an ad in the Yellow Pages. Not on good terms with her boss
Boss: "Jan where's our ad in the yellow pages directory?"
*jan runs out of the building like a common fool
Boss (out of the window): "not happy jan!"
by prujay January 19, 2015
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Jan is a person with one eyebrow. Most Jans are cunts. The amount of cuntness is proportional with the size of the eyebrow. Jan likes to destroy people's life - therefor he is very hated.
"Oh did you see that Jan? Such a cunt"
by Jan is a cunt with one eyebrow January 28, 2015
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An acronym invented and first seen in common use in the prison's of Los Angeles and Chino in the mid to late 1980's. Meaning,"Just Another Nigger," Often used to describe an average, non-distinct looking African-American male.
Inmate #1: "Yo dude who's that black guy givin' you that funny look?"

Inmate #2: "Who him? Oh, he's a J.A.N."

Black inmate at the same table: " Man.. STFU before I beat yo ass!"
by Milanbederp January 04, 2013
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The person every girl hates because he's 50 and still is a virgin.
Girl 1: That guy is so ugly. He looks gay.
Girl 2: Yes, hes a Jan.
by ALMA23 October 23, 2017
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