Jan Jan is twice tha Jan, the name comes from the latin word Jan, or Janyudigitnoyoucantdigit for short, it means "in the presence of an angel", some historians suggests the name Jan has originated to the most magical, beautiful, graceful royal bloods of the Macedonian area.
Dude, Jan Jan is awesome AF, i wish i could be like him.
by SaladNinja January 24, 2017
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To Finish Something Unconditionally without regard to quality or consistency.
This Anonymous User was Janning to finish this Word Definition!

Jacob was Janning his way into coding his Game!

Oh, don’t be Jannin’ It. We need to finish this properly!
by Ortherner September 15, 2020
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A very sexy man and higly smart wkth very good taste of friends and very funny
Wow your really A Jan.
by Makingfunofmeissad March 25, 2021
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1. A short term for January
2. A unisex name
Usually, a wise person, although sometimes oblivious to things. Very sweet and caring, a loyal friend.
(Sometimes given to a child by not very creative parents because the child was born in January)
by are you dum September 17, 2016
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Usually a super smart person.
Literally "wise one".
Jan is usually a female name, but can occasionally be applied to males.
by Overland Park December 09, 2013
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A beautiful woman that is kind, considerate, caring, loving, and above all - awesome
No, not Janice or Janet, just Jan
by StarDragon February 03, 2010
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