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If your American READ~ It’s a thing that actually happened, no conspiracy about this as it’s literally History. If you still can’t keep up, it’s like the rest of the world saying that JFK never got shot.
Jessica and Ashley told their teacher that the Holocaust never happened. They saw an article of Facebook, so i must be true.
by Study skillz 4 lif3 December 27, 2020

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Soccer boy who has an abnormally bizzare foot fetish. He likes to take long walks around campus in the dark but if spotted do not approach as he will bark uncontrollably. Can cook some mean omelettes and will buy you food . Also known to have a love/hate relationship with vodka, often ends up unresponsive for a hot while.
Guy 1: no fucking way I lost to him on fifa

Guy 2: ah you pulled a tomek on it man

Also can be used as a verb meaning to be so drunk one looses contact with reality
by Study skillz 4 lif3 October 14, 2020

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Muireann is a beaut of a person. She can slay both an all natural every day glam (with no effort put in) but when it comes to a night out she will let that hair down and put in some effort. She is annoyingly modest and has no idea of her beauty and therefore never bothers showing it off. A muireann is usually dark blonde hair, has Amazing eyes which would make and guy fall for her instantly. She has freckles which compliment her natural beauty . Muireann is normally and all star she has the looks, likeable character, usually sporty and is also down to chill any time. She is not a relationship type girl as she is the type of person who can't accept that they are pretty and can't imagine a boy fancying her. She is a very good friend, any person with a muireann do not loose her as she is a very important person. Muireanns give the best advice even if they tend to be the most innocent. Don't be fooled even though it may be hard to grasp onto a muireann due to her modesty and the competition with others it's worth it. She has a very attractive body and her ass is massive. She may come off as innocent but once she gets back to your place she is very rewarding. She is the type of girl who would like to do couples yoga and bake together any life with a muireann is a happy and long one. Muireann may come off as judgemental at times. With people she doesn't like she would 2nd guess herself telling them what she thinks. Known for her temper. Tends to be slightly Tom boyish.
James: omg did you see that girl over there her smile is so nice
Joe:her body is wicked too, my god I wish I was her man
James: wish I stood a chance with her but adams had his eye on her for ages, god dammit
Joe:oh look her she comes
James:heya! (muireann smiles back)

Did you see that she acknowledge that I was here Joe she smiled god damn she's super hot
by Study skillz 4 lif3 January 29, 2020

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It is commonly used to describe a person who is a bit on the slow side of things and has a general delayed reaction to most subjects ,especially humour. It originates from the word numpfty

In reality the word actually doesn’t seem that offensive and sort of sounds like something your nan or partner would call you if you were acting the ejet i.e falling down a flight of stairs
Victim: *clips ankle off the side of Ben 10 scooter
Attacker(Joshua): what ya after doing you numpft
by Study skillz 4 lif3 January 29, 2020

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A special place that men can never find. Often mistaken for your thigh crease. If comes the day that a man seems to find yours you should think about marriage but not kids as they will rip that bad boy in half. Also no it is not your pee hole.
Clitoris-“never ending mystery”~ Tyler
by Study skillz 4 lif3 December 27, 2020

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Usually dates Joe's. Thicc af and fine af. May friendzone herself sometimes but without realising it. Brown hair studies sometimes and is very sarcastic.
Did you hear Joe asked out kate.
Yah omg!
via giphy
by Study skillz 4 lif3 September 15, 2018

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Just your average middle name for a little polish boy who likes computers. Struggles with uno and claims he’s “never lost”. Medics say his stubbornness is due to the fact that he’s your typical Tauras. :)
Jan enjoys the simple pleasures in life like running from spiders
by Study skillz 4 lif3 December 27, 2020

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