Someone who thinks they are right even when they are completely wrong. They constantly contradict themselves and never know when to quit. They always try and be the brightest person in the room and will never admit defeat. James is the type of person who will constantly lose and continue to find an excuse every time. Basically a pitiful wannabe loser, who does not know how to take a lose.
Dang i am tired of James always losing and making excuses.
by Willy J 706 June 25, 2014
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Self delusional and self-entitled. Thinks he is jensen ackles despite looking like freddy kruger. Claims to respect women but doesn't even acknowledge them after he dates/sleep with them. Constantly lies and brags about how much he gets laid. Does some gay pornographic things on the downlow which makes you question his sexuality, despite he keeps saying he is straight. Is afraid of women, is seen with insecure girls with no self-respect and dignity. Wants to be chased even though he is a piece of shit.
Tim: Hey let's go that music festival

James Jensen: I'm all about that pitbull.

Tim: You have shitty music taste.
by fearthefork January 28, 2015
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A guy who likes girls, especially ones (typically) called Philippa.
by ThatdudefromtheUSA February 18, 2015
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Being a james is being a boring or annoying person, most James's have big heads and small dicks. James's have been reported to finger their own dog.
Mate you're being a right James today aren't you, now get away from your dog and put some clothes on
by chris vod February 15, 2013
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The definition of 'Jame' is a jackass (an idiot) who is has a lot of fame for his/her stupidness in easy situations.
Person 1: Hey, Person 3 is a Jame.
Person 2: Yeah, you're right.
*Person 3 waters the wall instead of painting the wall*
by Smart4Life April 02, 2017
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