Someone who is painfully irritating and doesn't even realise this and who tries to be a nice guy but doesn't understand how to socialize properly resulting on him getting rejected and usually isolated, also James's tend to have anger issues resulting in them being mocked after having an outburst.

James can also be used to describe when you are rejected from social groups or events.
George: I didn't get invited to that party on the weekend and Angel won't talk to me after I tired to touch her ass.

Tom: Dude you totally becoming a James!

by Mr. xXx October 11, 2012
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The stereotypical name for someone good-looking and utterly amazing, but really isn't. A person who turns out to be a big shit on your dreams. Basically, someone who is a let-down
Girl 1: "I was at the mall yesterday and I saw a James"
Girl 2: "EWWW I'm so sorry!"

Person 1: I met this James yesterday. I heard she was the shit"
Person 2: Was she?
Person 1: yea… A big shit on my hopes and dreams!
Person 2:…. sorry man...
by Mimilove November 21, 2013
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Someone who is described as a whelk and can be very aggressive to people who annoy them. They are ok on their own if they are talking about something they like e.g. Superheroes but then revert back to violence in front of others.
Stay away from James, he's a whelk!
by CHMrsS May 29, 2016
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A gay homosexual, but a really good friend who cares alot. Usually ex-strippers.
James is one who hunts straight guys at parties, some give in....
by cherrybomb88starlight January 09, 2013
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The only guy in the world who actually has no friends. And no dick
Wow he is such a James
by Zlessi August 17, 2015
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