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A simple, youthful female that have a bright personality. Always loving, always caring. Shy & quiet at times. Has a smile that people love. Someone to go up to for help or to talk to. Always there for you. Will be there for you. Beautiful, nice, and loves trying new things. Determined and dedicated.
Perla always get mistaken for being young.

"Your beauty is noticed by others."
by fakeasian May 27, 2012
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A seductive, passionate girl who hides between the "good girl" image.

Usually more mature than the rest of her age group.

She's an amazing friend to have, but not the best enemy to encounter.

Breathtaking smile.

Not someone to mess with.

Many consider her stuck up.

Has everyone's attention and is loved by the apposite sex.

Romantic at heart and adrenaline lover.

Girls tend to envy her for her great looks, popularity and sex appeal.

Hard worker and risk taker.

Girly, yet great at sports.

Is great around kids and babies.

Is devoted and loyal when she's in a relationship.

Has an outstanding sense of style and creativity.

Intelligent and intellectual female.

You're lucky if you have her.

One of the best dancers you will find at any party.

Incredible sense of humor.

Humble and extremely sensible.
"Look there goes Perla; WOW that dress really makes her stand out from the rest."

"Perla got the highest score on the quiz again."

"She's so ugly, I don't know what guys see in her. Her makeup looks like crap and those shoes don't go with that outfit. She's not even that pretty; nothing but blah in my opinion."
by biancahoeeee October 04, 2011
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Perla is one of the most perfect humans ever, when she enters a room you know it because of how radiant her whole essence is and how amazing her energy is. She is one of the best things in your life, although she is a little weird, it’s what makes perla, perla. You have the best memories with perla and she will always make you feel safe, if your having a bad day, tell her and she will do her best to cheer you up. Sometimes she doesn’t understand that people like to hear abou her too so she keeps to herself and you have to understand that, it’s an Aquarius trait! After knowing perla, you will love her, even if you can’t be around forever, she will be your best friend and you will love her forever, sometimes you might get mad because she doesn’t really know how to handle things but it’s ok because in every other way she is perfect and there is no doubting that.
Man, perla is the most perfect human ever, I wanna be friends with her so bad!
by Clainelunch February 18, 2019
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Perla a very beautiful girl. She is so sexy. All boys want her, but only one "B" has the chance to have her. She is a perfect kisser and her smile is beautiful. Everyone is jealous of her. She is rich and she has a perfect body. Maybe in the future she will be a model. Eveyone is jealous of her clothes and beauty.
Be like perla. Every boy wants her.
by Fansofperla November 05, 2018
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