Bob"Who's that kid wearing beige?"

West "that's James."
by You wear them beanies December 5, 2015
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A James is typically a thoughtless person who normally says or does something without it being asked of them or thinking about the action. A James is also the kind of person who dosnt respond well to change. A James can also be very touchy, you can easily change a James' emotional or mood in the time it takes to clap.
James is a James
by Satans Best Buddy February 19, 2015
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Cant light his own ciggarettes, eats too many doughnuts, says, " this is starting to piss me off" when frustrated. Is an awesome friend but then kinda friend that you just want to curb stomp from time to time. Thats a James.
James-"lets go to dunkin doughnuts im hungry and its starting to piss me off can you light me a cigarette?!"
by Handful of manhood June 3, 2016
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Someone who has talent, but uses it unfavorably.
You have the skills of Hermin Lee, but it sounds like a James.
by xXMadManXx March 26, 2016
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A complete princess, likes to wear a tiara and crown
Oh he's being such a James
by Trispecced February 4, 2016
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Someone who is painfully irritating and doesn't even realise this and who tries to be a nice guy but doesn't understand how to socialize properly resulting on him getting rejected and usually isolated, also James's tend to have anger issues resulting in them being mocked after having an outburst.

James can also be used to describe when you are rejected from social groups or events.
George: I didn't get invited to that party on the weekend and Angel won't talk to me after I tired to touch her ass.

Tom: Dude you totally becoming a James!

by Mr. xXx October 12, 2012
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Someone who thinks they are right even when they are completely wrong. They constantly contradict themselves and never know when to quit. They always try and be the brightest person in the room and will never admit defeat. James is the type of person who will constantly lose and continue to find an excuse every time. Basically a pitiful wannabe loser, who does not know how to take a lose.
Dang i am tired of James always losing and making excuses.
by Willy J 706 June 25, 2014
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