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A 'James' is usually a stuckup person that thinks they are spoiled and rich yet they are the opposite.
A 'James' Usually has a micro penis. and
"You are such a James"
by Techman123 March 8, 2017
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James really is the best person you’ll ever meet. (Except for everyone else, that is.) — He also really does also has great skills like bread collecting.

James really is one of us. James is a Derry Girl.
James: “ I am a Derry girl. I am not a Dairy girl “.
by Anormal weirdo who stalks you September 23, 2019
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A kid who tries to act cool by going against societal norms. For example he could be a vegan (nothing against vegans; he does it to act cool) or an atheist (once again to act cool)
Person 1: I wish I had some strawberry milk with this chicken cutlet

Person 2: I was born and raised a Christian

by cliccroll April 18, 2017
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A lying, boring, annoying man who sexts 50 different women when being with a girl and who lies about his age and just wants sex, even though he fucks anyone who has a vagina. Who has a child but doesn't see her due to his syco ex who lost love for him.
"Last night James fucked me then told me that he was actually 24 years old"
by Loopylou12 November 14, 2016
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A white ass kid with STDS has a small ass dick and likes to wear his glasses so he can see his dick much clearer
James has such a small dick he needs to put his glasses on
by JamesI Rongey April 24, 2017
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The most disgusting and worst person in the world. Often hated by everyone, and looks like an idiot. Can only count to 12, and nicknames can include Yamma the Llama, Yames the Llames, Yeti, Beach boy, Sunflower, Spongebob, Sea man, and Smurf
Don't be a James
by myaya November 22, 2016
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