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Jagged means you've gone to an extremely low body fat percentage where the striations or lines within your glutes have become visible to the naked eye. Only when lines are visible to the naked eye can one claim to be jagged.
Tom: Damn, Alberto Nunez is fucking jagged! You can see the lines in his glutes clearly!

John: You need to lose 5 more pounds and you'll be jagged bro!

Lawrence: All these LOA Athletes are getting jagged as fuck.
by Adedamolisher April 13, 2015
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jagged is a term used whenever you fucked something up.
amanda spills weed.
tarrin says "man you just jagged!"


dillon spills beer.
tarrin says "dude you jagged!"
by amandascoberly August 31, 2008
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Really lame or gay. Could be a situation you're in. Word originates from looking at the bottom of a reebok shoe seeing a jagged sole- this is seen as very homosexual.
John: I really wanna do something today and get out of school...
Marcus: yeah man i agree this school has been so jagged recently.

Example 2

Bob: That girl over there is so hot, you reckon i should go in for it?
Dave: Yeah shes hot but i spoke to her earlier and she was well jagged, i reckon shes a proper nerd.
by therealurbandictionary July 18, 2009
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When something is so awesomely dope it cuts you just to think about it. Like edgy but edgier.
Dave's band last night were like so totally jagged
by edgeofreason69 March 31, 2016
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cool, neat, sick, rad, filthy, tight, dope, ahmed
That kid over there is so jagged!

Yeah he must be a Hayden
by Jaggswagg May 19, 2015
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(pronounced as the past tense of jag, not jag-ged)
Past the point of drunkenness; inhebriated.
Ho brah I was soooo jagged last night!
by iriesyren May 10, 2005
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Awkward, uncomfortable. Long silence.

That moment when you're not sure what to do...
Trying to make small talk to a stranger. the situation is jagged
Falling asleep on the person next to you on the plane. The situation is jagged

Basically, you can use this word as a substitute for anytime that you would normally use the word awkward.
by Penguins202 July 29, 2013
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